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  • Play Born of Fire TD

    Born of Fire TD


    Born of Fire TD is one tower defense game that...

  • Play Little Protectors

    Little Protectors


    Little Protectors is an adorable and action-packed tower defense game....

  • Play Flash RPG Tower Defense

    Flash RPG Tower Defense


    Flash RPG Tower Defense is a more of a traditional...

  • Play Protector III

    Protector III


    The third Protector installment, Protector III is a tower defense...

  • Play Galactic Rebellion

    Galactic Rebellion


    In Galactic Rebellion, just like in Star Wars series, the...

  • Play Gemcraft Chapter 0

    Gemcraft Chapter 0


    A sequel of sorts, Gemcraft Chapter 0 follows the same...

  • Play Kingdom Rush

    Kingdom Rush


    Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game taking place in...

  • Play NT Creature 2

    NT Creature 2


    NT Creature 2 is the sequel to the tower defense...

  • Play CIX



    With ten levels on an easy difficulty, twenty levels on...

  • Play Towering Forever

    Towering Forever


    Tower Forever is an interesting blend of action and tower...

  • Play Super Energy Apocalypse

    Super Energy Apocalypse


    Think about this: a parched territory, a desolated piece of...

  • Play Hacker vs Hacker

    Hacker vs Hacker


    Hacker vs Hacker is a tower defense game where you...

  • Play Gemcraft



    Gemcraft is an excellent tower defense game that begins by...

  • Play Bloons Tower Defense

    Bloons Tower Defense


    Bloons Tower Defense is probably the simplest tower defense game...

  • Play BUGWAVE V1.5

    BUGWAVE V1.5


    BUGWAVE is a challenging tower defense game that will keep...

  • Play Warzone Tower Defense Extended

    Warzone Tower Defense Extended


    Warzone Tower Defense Extended, sequel and follow-up to the popular...

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Top Tower Defense Games

Welcome to! We aim to collect the most fun tower defense games here. Enjoy the games!

Tower defense games - you may be living under a rock if you don't know what these type of computer games are! They are addictive and they are all the rage right now. Check out any free games website and you will see hundreds, if not thousands, of games from this genre. Tower defense games have also invaded mobile phones and PDA's!

Commonly known as TD, tower defense games out there have one common goal: the main goal is to delay, interrupt, or totally stop what the enemy is trying to do across the map. For example: the enemy waves MUST be prevented from reaching a castle (this is your defense objective). Usually, this objective is achieved by building towers with various powers and abilities (slow, damage per second, poison, and those are just to name a few).

Every time you successfully defend against a wave or bunch of enemies, you are rewarded with points, cash, or gold points - stuff that you can use to build towers, upgrade their damage, range, or other effects, and everything else in between.

Tower defence games are easy to learn...BUT they take a long time to master and successfully finish. There are a wide range or array of tips and strategies - placement of towers, build orders, etc. There are also systematic plans of action that you should follow. It all depends on the tower defense game you are playing.

Some even have multiplayer strategies embedded on their game play. I have seen StarCraft like TD games where you need to build refineries or resource towers to keep the cash flowing, allowing you to build more towers and purchase upgrades in preparation for the final and toughest wave you have to face before the end of the game.

What I like about this genre of arcade games is that they are enjoyed both by kids and grown ups. For one thing, my 12 year old spends hours browsing, looking for, and playing tower defense games on the internet (after doing his homework of course). For adults on the other hand, they should have no problem finding tower defense games that are more challenging than the usual TD games where you only mass build towers and use the mouse's left click for interacting around the map.

Don't be left out of the fun: give these defense games a shot and I'm sure you will be addicted to them!