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Alien Invasion Instructions

The controls for Alien Invasion? They are pretty simple just like the other tower defense games out there - just use the mouse's left click button for interaction. So you want to train marines? Want your units to be on aggressive mode? Need to build resource structures for unlimited cash flow? As long as your mouse's left click button is working, doing these shouldn't be much of a problem. YES, playing Alien Invasion is easy BUT as you will realize later when you play the game, it takes long to master the game flow and actually finish it!

Alien Invasion Walkthrough

Alien Invasion - well, the name says it all! You need to defend against an onslaught of alien invaders that are descendents of chicken! Odd indeed BUT not surprising since the game was created by Evil Space Chicken.

Anyway, back into the game, because of these alien invaders who abducted all of the cows in the planet, man has lost the ability to produce cheese. And they have to rely on a formula using newspaper and wet socks to create artificial cheese (YUCK!). HOWEVER, the hunams (I don't know if this spelling was intended by the game creators too) discovered that there is a purple planet somewhere out there that has fine cream cheese on its core.

And that's where you come into the scene - you need to defend this colony...this purple planet from the same alien invaders who are the very reason why you have to go to this planet just to get cheese. The objective - you need to keep one of your units alive for as long as possible. You do this by building defensive towers and units while killing off the incoming aliens.

The game has a pretty messed up interface, maybe that is caused by eating cheese made from newspaper and socks? I don't know. Anyway, to help you, just check out the help section from the game, click on the interface section, and you will see which are build spots, how to put your units on aggressive or defensive mode, who are the enemies, and everything else in between.

As hunams, you have access to six different defensive units - the marine (the most basic unit that deals normal damage), the trooper that comes with its guns blazing...dealing explosive damage, the mortar (a support fire unit), generator (this is your resource building, it earns one cash point per second), turret which is the basic defense turret, and last BUT not the least, the most powerful of them all, the globe...a hi tech defense unit that deals energy damage.

By the way, don't feel all immortal and powerful with these powerful weapons and units as you will be up against alien invaders that have the same fire power! Grunt, hulk, gunner, Cyclops - these are just some of the crazy aliens descending from chickens that you and your forces will be up against.

Play this tower defense game (which has an insane plot) and get ready for some action!