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Bananageddon Instructions

In Bananageddon, use the mouse to build and place towers as well as purchase upgrades.

Bananageddon Walkthrough

Bananageddon is a tower defense game similar to Bloons Tower Defense. Instead of playing as the monkeys against hostile balloons, however, this shooting game pits you against monkeys that are trying to steal your bananas. Bananageddon features excellent artwork as can be expected by robotJAM, five weapons to use against your enemies, and fifteen challenging levels.

The objective of Bananageddon is to prevent the monkeys and other enemies from reaching the end of the path. To prevent your enemies from advancing, you must place towers, mines, and call in bombing strikes. If any enemies make it past your defenses, you will lose one life. If all lives are lost, then the game will end in defeat. There are fifteen waves to deal with in this tower defense game, and only one stage. Your progress is not saved so you will have to start at the beginning if you lose or if you decide to quit and come back later.

Bananageddon is a fiercely challenging defense game. The game starts you off with only eight lives and a small amount of money. Enemies can also attack your turrets, forcing you to repair them for a price). The game becomes somewhat easier as you progress, since killing enemies earns money. You can also choose between one of four upgrades upon the completion of each level, assuming that you have the money to pay for them.

Knowing the right tools for the trade is also important in this shooting game. Yellow turrets are the basic bread-and-butter turrets of the game. They shoot bullets at individual enemies. Blue turrets are weaker then yellow turrets, but slow enemies down, allowing other nearby turrets to get more hits in against enemies. Red turrets have a low rate of fire, but deal massive damage against enemies. Red turrets also cause splash damage against enemies, allowing them to damage multiple targets at once. Bombs are good for weakening enemies before they contact your turrets or finishing off enemies. Finally, mines are useful for setting traps in areas of the map that are not guarded by turrets, but they have no effect against flying enemies.

Bananageddon is a great tower defense game that hardcore fans of the genre will enjoy. It is not perfect given its high difficulty level and lack of a fast-forward button or saving, but players looking for a challenge will enjoy this shooting game!