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Besieged Instructions

Besieged is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to place towers. Hold the shift key to place multiple towers.

Besieged Walkthrough

Besieged is a tower defense game with a medieval flair. This strategy game features simple graphics, an intuitive upgrade system, and three mission types.

The primary objective of Besieged is to defend your castle against waves of enemies, standard tower defense fare. Each mission has its own specific objectives that must be completed to pass to the next, however. The three mission objectives present in this strategy game are to defeat all enemies, to survive for five minutes, and to build a landmark. Mission objectives are given at the start of each level, so pay close attention or you may find yourself not knowing why you are stuck on the current level! Your progress is saved upon the completion of each level, so you can continue the game from any unlocked level the next time that you play.

Besieged standard mouse controls that fans of the genre should be comfortable with. The only difference between this tower defense game and others is its interface. Most TD games use a panel of icons to display the available towers while in Besieged, players must click on arrows on the left and right of the towers (or structures) tab to cycle through available towers (or structures). Once the selection has been made, click on the object's icon, then click on the location that you wish to place it.

Unlike most tower defense games where killing enemies rewards money, players must rely on their castles and other structures to generate gold and resources in Besieged. Gold is used to buy towers while resources are used to build support structures. It is advisable to build farms early in the game to increase the castle's level, gold output, and resource output. Farms also slowly repair the castle when it is damaged, so they are an excellent investment. Towers upgrade themselves as they kill enemies and gain experience, but it may also be a good idea to buy training centers to speed up the process.

Besieged is not the cream of the crop when it comes to tower defense games, but it is solid game nonetheless that fans of the genre will appreciate. Man the defenses and protect the castle in Besieged!