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BigTree Defense Instructions

BigTree Defense is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and place turrets. Use the mouse wheel or the Z and X keys to zoom in and out. Click and drag or use the arrow keys to move the stage. Press the spacebar to center your view on the tree trunk.

BigTree Defense Walkthrough

BigTree Defense is a tower defense game with a story slightly reminiscent of the 1992 animated film, FernGully crossed with that of the real-stime strategy game, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Due t deforestation, alien insects have invaded the earth and it is up to you to stop them. This shooting game features smooth graphics, a tutorial, nine main levels, and an infinite mode.

BigTree Defense starts off with a tutorial that teaches you how to upgrade, buy, and equip weapons. The tutorial also teaches the basics of building defenses and upgrading your tree. Be sure to pay attention to the lessons of the tutorial, since you will have to use them and build off of them for the duration of this defense game.

The objective of BigTree Defense is to save the world by destroying insect alien invaders. You must protect your tree trunk, earth's last hope for survival against the alien menace. To accomplish this goal, grow branches and place turrets to fight off the bugs. When all bugs have been defeated, you will progress to the next level; if the bugs manage to deplete the tree's health completely, then you will fail the level. You can retry each level an unlimited number of times, and you can earn more upgrade points by replaying battles (although unlocking new levels earns a greater number of points). Your progress is automatically saved in this shooting game, so you can continue at a later time.

You are given an opportunity to upgrade your arsenal before each mission. For the first few levels of this defense game, upgraded nut cannons and fruit cannons should be good enough to deal with most enemies. Nut cannons are especially useful due to their long range. Since enemies cannot be shot off of the trunk, you can use the long range of the nut cannon to take them out before they can light on your trunk. Remember to equip the new weapons that you buy so that they will be available for you in combat!

BigTree Defense is a unique shooting game that has enough action for serious gamers along with simple controls, soothing sounds, and graphics that are easy on the eyes, features that make the game suitable for casual players as well. Captain Planet isn't here to save us, so it's up to you and your tree to save the world in this well-made defense game!