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BigTree Defense 2: Evolution Instructions

BigTree Defense 2: Evolution is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and place turrets. Use the mouse wheel or the Z and X keys to zoom in and out. Click and drag or use the arrow keys to move the stage. Press the spacebar to center your view on the tree trunk.

BigTree Defense 2: Evolution Walkthrough

BigTree Defense 2: Evolution is the sequel to the tower defense game, BigTree Defense. This shooting game features a new storyline, improved graphics, and new battles to fight.

Unlike the first BigTree Defense, it is not mandatory to play through the tutorial levels in BigTree Defense 2: Evolution. I still advise you to play the tutorials since they will teach you the basics of gameplay and allow you to earn some points before getting into the main portion of this shooting game. You may also be able to unlock weapons in the tutorial which will give you an advantage when starting the main portion of this defense game. Some things have changed between this defense game and its predecessor, so it is a good idea to play the tutorials even if you have mastered the first BigTree Defense.

Instead of using the points-based upgrade system of its predecessor, BigTree Defense 2: Evolution uses a system called synthesis to unlock new weapons. Over time, your cannons will turn to fruit. Collect the fruit by clicking on it. This may put holes in your defense, but fruit that you collect can be used to create new weapons between levels. To create weapons, click on the synthesis button on the weapon equip screen before each level. Be sure to equip weapons that you wish to use in the available slots. Any weapons that you unlock will also be saved and waiting for you the next time that you play.

Another difference between this shooting game and its predecessor is the resource system. Water is still the resource that is used to upgrade your tree and place weapons, but instead of having to kill bugs to earn water, you can grow leaves on your tree to produce water. It is a good idea to place multiple leaves at the beginning of each level in order to maintain a good resource base for the duration of the battle.

BigTree Defense 2: Evolution is a major improvement over its predecessor and an excellent shooting game. If you enjoyed the first BigTree Defense or if you are a fan of defense games, then BigTree Defense 2: Evolution is a must-play game for you!