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Billy Makin Kid Instructions

Billy Makin Kid is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to recruit units.

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Billy Makin Kid is a unique and bizarre tower defense game. This strategy game features amazing graphics, straightforward gameplay, and a surreal backstory.

In Billy Makin Kid, you play the role of the eponymous Billy, humanity's last hope of survival against the uprising of intelligent apes. Your mission in this tower defense game is to survive against waves of attackers and prevent them from unlocking the caged monster on each level. If Billy falls or if your enemies unlock the monster, you will fail the mission. Survive through all waves and you will advance to the next level! Your progress is automatically saved in this strategy game, so you will not have to complete all fifteen levels in one session.

Unlike most tower defense games where towers are placed along a path, units are spawned to fend off attackers in Billy Makin Kid. How Billy spawns his "children" without a wife is a mystery, but this zany surrealism makes the game more unique. Units are spawned at totem poles and gain power bonuses for being within their radius. Totem poles may be upgraded to increase the effect and range of their power bonuses and to allow more powerful units to be spawned at them.

Billy Makin Kid features upgrades for units as well as skill upgrades. Unit upgrades are attained by collecting and combining items that enemies drop. For example, combining stone with wood unlocks slingshot troops and combining steel with wood unlocks swordsmen. You may field five types of troops at once. I advise a combination of powerful melee soldiers with ranged units providing backup.

Experienced is earned for completing levels in this tower defense game, similar to an RPG. When you level up, you earn three gems which can be used to purchase upgrades in the shop. Upgrades include skills such as the abilities to heal units and poison enemies, and general upgrades such as increased starting money and reduced spawning time. I advise purchasing additional starting money to allow you to field multiple troops quickly at the beginning of a round. The ability to heal your troops is also incredibly useful.

If you are a fan of tower defense games, then Billy Makin Kid is certainly worth giving a try. The combat system may be somewhat different from the norm, but you will still be able to put your strategic mind to the test!