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BioBots Instructions

Point and click to place, upgrade, sell, and select towers.

BioBots Walkthrough

Biobots is a great tower defense game to try out if you've never played one before - it's very simple, with only a few different towers and types of enemies, and you'll be able to play through it without much grief. You're given ten lives, and every time an enemy successfully travels through the map, one of them is taken away. Your goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible while keeping as many of your lives as you can.

To start out, select a map - easy (grass), medium (desert), or difficult (asphalt). Once you've selected your map, you'll be taken to it, and given the first tower you can purchase, the all-in-one eater. It's the most basic tower, it can damage all enemies, but the damage it does inflict is a little weak. It's the cheapest tower, though, so buy a bunch when you start, and strategically place them around the map to get the most bang for your buck.

After completing a few waves, more towers will be unlocked - three towers that can only attack specific enemies, either paper, plastic, or glass, and two other towers - one that slows enemies, and one that stuns them. Using these different towers in unison is your best bet when dealing with the enemies - in some sections of the map, you may want only enemy-specific towers, while in others, like the end of the map, you may want all-in-one towers to get rid of stragglers.

All in all, Biobots is a great game for those new to the genre and those who want to play on higher difficulties. The maps that Biobots offers will provide a sufficient tower defense challenge to veterans, and the easier maps are a great introduction to the genre overall.