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Blob Tower Defence Instructions

In Blob Tower Defence, it's the usual 'use your mouse's left click button to interact, build, and establish defense' thing. Notthing complicated, nothing fancy as far as the controls go. HOWEVER, despite the not so complex controls and simple graphics, the game play of Blob Tower Defense leaves a lot for your creative juices to work on as you will see.

Blob Tower Defence Walkthrough

In this tower defense game, the Blobs are back...and they are in trouble once more as their land is being attacked. You need to build Blob Towers (I'm not sure if you can really call them towers since they are just plain colored squares with faces) to defend against incoming enemies. You need to prevent them from reaching the other side of the screen as you will lose lives in letting them do their thing...and trust me, that's something you don't want to happen. Once the life bar on top is out, it's game over for you and you need to start from square one.

So what towers do you have at your disposal? Here they are:

1. Purple Colored Tower - This is the normal tower. It's the most affordable of all the defensive towers you have, costing only 30 cash. It comes with a normal damage and attack rate. For earlier parts of the game, mass building these type of towers is essential. BUT later on, you need to enlist the aid of other more power (and, of course, more expensive) towers.

2. Blue Colored Tower - True, this one comes with significantly less fire power compared to the previous one (it's only at 0.7 power) BUT it outfires and surpasses the rest of the gang when it comes to attack rate, no wonder it's called Fast Tower. It's a little more expensive compared to the normal tower at 45 cash, BUT it's worth having these too.

3. Green Colored Tower - Introducing the slow down tower - as for damage, this tower is NOT very impressive...coming with only 1.0 power. The attack and firing rate won't make your jaws drop either as it is 4 times slower than the Fast Tower. HOWEVER, it's a must have. Why? Simply because it slows down the enemy significantly with every single your other towers enough time to pummel the enemies.

4. Yellow Colored Tower - This is the Sniper Tower. The attack rate is pretty normal...nothing special or impressive as far as that department is concerned. BUT when it comes to fire power, this has a lot to boast as it deals damage equivalent to about 15 percent of the enemies total HP. This tower comes really comes handy and effective against those enemies that are really beefy and has a lot of HP. Mind you though, it's the most expensive of the rest as it needs 200 cash points each.

And there you have it! A brief BUT helpful preview of the towers you have at your disposal. This tower defense game comes with simple controls and simple graphics...BUT it's still exciting nonetheless as once you press the Go button, the creep wave pours in so you need to be extra fast in building those defensive towers and stacking them up if you are going to survive. Give Blob Tower Defence a shot and it won't disappoint.