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Bloom Defender Instructions

Bloom Defender is controlled by using the keyboard. Click and drag flowers to plant trees. Click and hold the mouse on trees to upgrade them. Click on spells to select them and click on enemies to cast spells against them. You may also use the 1 - 5 number keys to select spells.

Bloom Defender Walkthrough

Bloom Defender is a tower defense game with a cute storyline. This shooting game features colorful graphics, a unique control scheme, and two difficulty modes.

The objective of Bloom Defender is to purify evil spirits that threaten the Mother Tree. In terms of gameplay, this means kill bad guys before they reach the Mother Tree at the end of the path! You start each level with ten lives in this shooting game. If an enemy slips past your defenses, then you will lose lives. When all lives are lost, you will meet defeat. If you manage to ward off all waves of attackers, you will advance to the next level of this tower defense game. Your progress is saved at the end of each battle, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

In order to stop the evil spirits, you will have to place defenses. You can plant and upgrade trees before the beginning of each wave. To place a tree, click and drag a flower to an open space. To upgrade a tree, click and hold your mouse over the tree that you wish to upgrade. You can uproot trees to refund energy if you wish to plant or upgrade different trees. You are not allowed to place trees once the wave begins in this tower defense game, so choose your placements wisely! It is best to place trees where they can cover the most area of the trail.

Although you cannot place trees while an enemy wave is active, Bloom Defender features five spells that you can use against enemies. The basic spell that you start with is the freeze spell (keyboard shortcut: 1). The freeze spell holds enemies in place temporarily and does extra damage against fire-based enemies. It is best to use this spell to hold enemies in place while your trees decimate them. As you progress through this tower defense game, more spells will become available to you. It is best not to rely on spells alone, however, since most do not deal much damage against enemies and they have a recharge time, so you cannot continuously cast them.

Bloom Defender is a cute tower defense game with simple controls and colorful graphics that make it appropriate for players young and old. If you are a fan of strategic shooting games, then you will enjoy Bloom Defender!