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Bloons Tower Defense Instructions

Point and click to build towers, upgrade existing towers, and sell towers that you don't need.

Bloons Tower Defense Walkthrough

Bloons Tower Defense is probably the simplest tower defense game out there - you only have five different towers to choose from, ranging from the basic Dart Tower to the all-powerful Super Monkey; and you can only play on one map. However, this doesn't mean that the game isn't fun. While it's very simple and concise, Bloons Tower Defense is great for beginners who've never played a tower defense game before and experts and veterans that think they can beat it quickly.

So, when you start playing, you're given money and 40 lives. For every bloon that makes it through your map unscathed, you lose a life, and after 40 bloons get through, it's a game over. You'll have to be clever with your tower placement and the upgrades you give your towers if you want to survive. Most of the time it's better to upgrade our existing towers rather than buying hordes of new ones - and you'll find this to be true in Bloons Tower Defense: you can complete the game with only a few well-upgraded and well-placed towers.

If you're not familiar with the tower defense genre, Bloons Tower Defense should be the first one you play. There are only five different towers to choose from, so you'll know exactly what's going on, and you're only given one map. Although this is very basic, you'll recognize all the concepts you'd normally see in much more complicated tower defense games, so this game is a great one to learn with. If you're having trouble at all, make sure you end up purchasing the Super Monkey tower - although it's really expensive, it outclasses all other towers by a landslide, and it's the only tower worth having towards the end of the game.