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Born of Fire TD Instructions

Use WASD keys to scroll the map, the P key to pause the game at any time, J toggles enemy health bars, R toggles skill ranges on a selected hero, M and N to toggle sound effects and music, Q rotates through quality settings, hit ESC to abort placing a hero, and alt + left click to remove skill points.

Born of Fire TD Walkthrough

Born of Fire TD is one tower defense game that you're going to be playing for quite a while. Not only does it have a ton of levels to offer, every character (used as towers in the game) has the ability to level up and gain new skills. You'll end up playing through to see what every character can do, and with a few different difficulty settings, there's always something to come back to with this game.

First of all, you're going to want to start by choosing a hero - at the beginning of a normal campaign mode, you'll have 3 available to you, and you can unlock the rest by completing different levels. Place these three heroes across the level, and you're ready to start. Rather than upgrading our troops, though, in Born of Fire TD, you'll be increasing the skills of your heroes as they level up. So, you'll be able to increase what you want and have more options than what most TD games offer you.

After completing a level, you'll unlock another, and when that level starts, you'll be able to reposition your heroes on the new map. If you don't like the speed of a level, or if you think things are progressing too slowly, you can increase the speed of enemies on the top-right bar - and you can also call other waves to attack, too, if you're feeling lucky.

As far as the different levels of difficulty go, normal and hell campaign modes are fairly straightforward. There are a set amount of levels and you don't have any special objectives or special enemies to deal with, besides what's in front of you. There are, however, two other difficulty settings in Born of Fire TD, which consist of Army of Darkness mode and Eternal Damnation mode. In the first, you'll only be fighting against skeletons, which may seem easy at first, but if even one gets through to the end of a level, you lose. The second, Eternal Damnation, monsters will warp in with increasing levels; defeat them all to win.