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Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Instructions

As with most tower defense games out there, the controls for Bubble Tanks Tower Defense is very easy to pick up. If you have a good and working mouse, you should be good to go. Click to create bubble tanks, another click to install them in the right place... basically, you are going to click your way through the game.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Walkthrough

A FREE form version of tower defense games, Bubble Tanks TD allows you enough scope for your creativity and strategy making. The flow of the game and its objective is fairly easy to follow: you need to use bubble tanks to create a path that's lethal for your enemies. The goal? Wipe out enemies before they can reach the exit and exterminate you instead. How are you going to place your bubble tanks? Well, that's limited only by your imagination... BUT there are other factors you need to consider as well like how many bubbles you have in stock and more.

I won't go much into the game's mechanics as there's a 2 stage tutorial which will teach basically everything you need to know about. That's better than reading a WALL of text... it gives you hands on training. After the 2 stage tutorial, you are on your own. You choose stages by traveling along the several different roads that are available. You can choose the difficulty - which ranges from easy to devilishly difficult and almost impossible to beat. All you need to do is hover your mouse over a stage and you should know how difficult or easy a stage is... not to mention you also get a quick snapshot of the room you will be fighting in and where the enemies will come from. Once you have made up your mind, you can choose a stage, install your bubble tanks, let the enemies fly, and hope for the best.

The foes come in different shapes and sizes - some are fast, some are very sluggish, others are quite fragile, while some are very tough and able to absorb a lot of damage without slowing down. Now, there are other enemies that spawn other enemies... some are even nasty enough to break into multiple hostile units after you have taken them down. And last BUT not the least, there are ghosts... ghosts who don't care about the path you have created and who will dart straight for the exit. You better take down these ghosts fast. Once the enemies start to move, your bubble tanks will do all of the leg work - they will wipe out the enemy waves as long as they are within range. Enemies will keep on coming until you completely eliminate them or they eliminate you out of the equation. While a mouse is all you need, there are a couple of keyboard shortcuts that should help you... especially if you are an experienced tower defense player.

One thing I love most about Bubble Tanks Tower Defense game is the MEGA upgrade... and when I say MEGA, I do mean it's HUGE! How to get that done? Here's how: place bubble tanks in a 2 by 2 pattern and make sure that they touch each other. Next, upgrade each of them to level 4. Which type should you go for? That all depends on you. Once you have maxed out the upgrade, there will be a little M located in the upper left corner of the bunch. Just click it and it will morph your tanks... turning it into a MEGA tower whose firepower is way more powerful than your average or even fully upgraded bubble tanks.

If you want to go beyond that and create the ultimate nuker, place 4 mega towers in a 2 by 2 grid and that will double the amazing firepower of your 4 mega towers. As far as destructive power goes, Mega Mega towers are a sight to behold!