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Bugs Invasion TD Instructions

Bugs Invasion TD is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to place towers. Click on towers to upgrade or sell them.

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It's the year 2012, the supposed end of the Mayan Long Count and civilization as we know it! In Bugs Invasion TD, you have a chance to save humanity. This tower defense game features well-polished graphics, seven levels, and twenty-one achievements.

The objective of Bugs Invasion TD is to defend the seven magic plants from extraterrestrial bugs that are destroying Earth. If you manage to save all seven magical plants, you will save the Earth and humanity! In terms of gameplay, the standard rules of a tower defense game apply. Destroy the enemies and prevent them from reaching your base (in this case, the magic plant). When all waves have been defeated, you will advance to the next level. Your progress is automatically saved so you will be able to continue from the last level that you unlocked the next time that you play.

Bugs Invasion TD uses a mouse-only control scheme. Select the type of tower that you wish to deploy by clicking its icon on the right side of the screen. Once you have made your selection, click on the place where you wish to deploy the tower. You may also upgrade or sell towers by clicking them and choosing the appropriate option. Upgrades are not cheap in this tower defense game, but they are often worth it!

Bugs Invasion TD features three difficulty levels. If this is your first time playing, then I advise you to play on the easy difficulty level. If you still find the game to be too challenging, then the following tips may help. First, try to get the most out of your money by placing towers where they will cover the most area of pathway. This way, you can use one tower to do the work of many, saving you money for upgrades and more towers. If you need to cover more parts of the path, build another tower, but if you need more firepower in one area, it is better to upgrade the towers that are already in that area than to purchase additional turrets. Upgraded towers deal more damage than multiple weak towers, and are often necessary to deal with the last waves of a battle. Finally, explosive cucumbers can be used in dire situations to destroy bugs, but they should not be relied upon as they are one-use only and quite expensive.

Bugs Invasion TD is not the most unique tower defense game, but it is a game where the term "pea-shooter" can be taken literally! Fans of the genre will certainly have fun with this game, and casual gamers can also enjoy it due to its brevity and simple controls!