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BugWar Instructions

The controls of Bug War are fairly simple and straightforward - just use the mouse's left click button for just about everything! So you want to go through the tutorial? What about sending bugs to the neutral larvae directly connected to your main larva? Need to build towers to defend your larva? Ready to colonize an enemies larva? For all of these and almost everything else, you just need your mouse's left click button.

BugWar Walkthrough

Bug War - well, this is really about bugs waging war against each other. Here's how the game goes: you have a main larva. One that has truckloads of bugs in it. There are larvae that are neutral - and they won't attack even if there are non resident bugs moving to it. And last BUT not the least, there are enemy larvae. Expect to meet a lot of hostility and resistance when you send your bugs there. They will also send their bugs out to meet your forces and ward it off.

So what do you need to do? Here's what: you need to send your bugs to other larvae...other colonies - either neutral or owned by the enemy. This, however, will engage a fight! Of course, the enemies would send their forces to defend their colonies or to fight for neutral colonies. Remind you buddy: it's a numbers game. The more bugs you have, the more chances of winning the colony you are setting your sights on. In light of that, here's a reminder: do NOT spread yourself too thinly. Do not even rush things and try to send your forces in multiple colonies. That's a surefire way to get busted early game.

BUT what if you have almost even forces fighting for a colony? This is where your towers come in. There are 3 types of towers that you can use for crushing the opposition.

First off, we have the normal tower - one that deals average damage and fires...well, averagely. Next, we have a tower that deals splash damage...perfect for clearing those creep waves. And last BUT not the least, we have towers that slow down the opposing bugs.

Be careful, still, when you are creating towers. They take some time to be built and not to mention the fact that you need to sacrifice some of your bugs to build them. Building a tower with your number of bugs low will expose you to sudden attacks by the enemy. So wait til you have enough to sactifice while still having enough to defend against possible onslaughts.