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Canyon Defense Instructions

Build towers or buildings by clicking the icon for the tower or building you want to build with the left mouse button, moving your mouse to an available area on the map and clicking with the left mouse button again to place the item. Sell a building or tower by clicking the 'sell' ability with the left mouse button and clicking the item you want to sell with the left mouse button. Launch a missile (when available) by clicking the 'launch missile' ability with the left mouse button and then clicking the section of the map where you would like the missile to hit with the left mouse button. Construct a wall (when available) by clicking the 'build wall' ability with the left mouse button and then clicking on an available area of the map with the left mouse button.

Canyon Defense Walkthrough

Canyon Defense is a fairly standard tower defense game that offers everything you've come to expect from games in this genre. The basic premise is pretty familiar territory here as is the format of the game. Basically, you are charged with protecting your town from waves of enemies that are attacking along the canyon. Instead of hitting it Old West style with guns blazing, you take a different approach. You build towers to defend your town. These towers will fire on any enemies that are within range, but each tower you build will have a limited range. For that reason, it's important to choose where you build your towers carefully. Your goal is to prevent all enemies from reaching the town. If you let too many enemies pass, you will lose the game. If you have any experience at all with map based tower defense games, this should all sound very familiar. The great thing about this game is that it takes that standard premise and builds on it; offering a game that is entertaining and fun even if it isn't exceptionally unique.

The big difference between Canyon Defense and most of the other tower defense games online is that you don't have to worry about upgrades or skill points in this one. As you progress, you unlock new, more advanced weapons and will have to face off against a wide range of enemies, but aside from that, your focus will just remain on building and selling towers. Many of the other games in the genre are loaded down with all sorts of upgrades that give you the ability to make each tower you build stronger and more effective. That ability often makes the other games a bit too easy for more experienced players to really enjoy. This game is much more difficult because you don't have those upgrades to depend on. You need to find a balance between buying the towers you need to defend yourself and reserving enough money for the advanced weapons you'll need later in the game. This game is actually fairly challenging for that reason and will offer more experienced players bored with the genre a challenge they can't find in many other games. That's really what makes this one so appealing. At the same time, it's not so difficult that newcomers to the genre won't enjoy it. It might take beginners a little while to find a good strategy, but that's really the fun of the game.

Canyon Defense offers not only three different maps to choose from, but also three levels of difficult - 'easy', 'normal' and 'hard' - for each map. This allows you to play on a map that is visually appealing to you and also allows you to choose a difficulty level that fits your skill set regardless of which map you like the most design-wise. This is actually pretty unique in the world of tower defense games. This makes the game more appealing; especially for beginners. This is a tough game and newcomers to tower defense games aren't going to want to start out at the 'hard' level. The fact that they can still choose any map and play at a level they'll be more comfortable with makes this one stand out from many of the other games in the genre. With that said, no level in this game is going to be easy for someone with no experience, but the game is laid out in a very easy to understand way and the no-frills approach makes it easier for beginners to pick up how the game is played. At the same time, more experienced players have the higher difficulty levels to play so this one won't feel boring. Add to that different types of enemies and different types of towers and buildings and you have an excellent game for anyone of any experience level.

The game screen in Canyon Defense is pretty easy to understand with all of the information you need to play the game and all of the game controls located in the panel on the right side of the screen. At the top, you have three tabs for the things you can purchase and build to defend your city - turrets, advanced and buildings. The turrets tab shows you the basic turrets you can build as well as the basic stats about the available turrets and what you need to do to unlock the more advanced turrets. Different turrets work best in different situations so make sure you read the description carefully before you make your purchase. Advanced covers your more advanced weapons. Some of these weapons are incredible and offer tremendous benefit throughout the game. Make sure you don't ignore this important tab. Finally, you have buildings. Building either offer bonuses for your towers or unlock new abilities or new weapons. Some of the more advanced weapons will require you to build one or more of these buildings or to use the buildings. For example, unlocking the 'Howitzer' (the second weapon under the turrets tab) will require you to not only build the 'Nuclear Silo' building but will also require you to use it to launch a missile. To launch a missile, we need to look at the four 'Abilities' buttons shown immediately below the towers and weapons you can buy.

Abilities are a great addition to Canyon Defense and can definitely come in handy as you progress in the game. From the time you place your first tower, the first ability will be unlocked. You can click on the first ability to change your cursor to a dollar sign. From there you can sell any tower you've built. You probably won't use this ability a whole lot in the beginning of the game, but as you progress, you will need to clear space for buildings and more advanced weapons. Sell older towers you don't feel you need anymore using the first ability. You'll earn a little extra gold and free up some space on your map. The second ability is the 'launch missile' ability. Once you've constructed your nuclear silo, the launch missile ability will become available. You'll click on this button to launch a missile. The 'Construct Wall' ability is another extremely beneficial ability. Build a wall to stop or slow enemies and surround that wall with advanced weapons. You'll take out your enemies much more efficiently that way. For added benefit, make sure you have a 'God Tower' within range to slow your enemies even more.

Below abilities on the Canyon Defense game screen, you have basic information about the next wave of enemies you'll be facing. Paying attention to that information is vital. It allows you to plan your defense specifically for the next wave. If you need to, you can sell weaker towers you don't feel will be of much use and replace them with something more powerful. You can also use this information to see exactly when you need to have your air towers in place. Because you get to see how many enemies you'll be confronted with, how strong they are and whether or not they are ground or air enemies, you can determine whether or not your current defense will be strong enough to defeat them. There are always surprises, but as you play the game more, you'll get a better feel for how to handle different types of enemies. For example, fast enemies in large numbers will almost certainly require you to have a few different turrets in place a fair distance apart. There is usually at least one enemy that will get through even the strongest defensive line simply because your towers are busy firing on the other enemies and they move more quickly. Having at least one more tower set up further down the track is usually enough to clean up any enemies the first tower missed. Finally, at the very bottom of the right side of the screen you have your money and your lives. The need to pay attention to how much money you have is obvious. Paying attention to lives can also help you. If you have one enemy that you're having a hard time taking out and you have all ten of your lives, if you're at a later level in the game, it might be worth just letting that enemy pass instead of wasting money on another tower.

You start out in Canyon Defense with two basic towers - the missile turret and the AA gun. There is an important difference between these two weapons that will determine when and how you use them in the game as well as where they should be placed. The missile turret is only effective on ground enemies. This is fine for the first few levels because you'll only be facing ground enemies. The best way to use the basic ground towers in the beginning is to make sure the entrance of the map is covered without building more towers than you need. Start with only two or three towers and build and extra towers you need only when you're sure you'll need them. This allows you to save money for the AA gun. The AA gun only works on air enemies. You'll face these a few levels in and you will absolutely need an air tower constructed to take them out. Each tower you build costs money. You earn money for killing enemies. If you only build the towers you absolutely need to take out your enemies, you'll have money ready for when you need those air towers.

Overall, Canyon Defense, like most of the other map based tower defense games online is all about strategy. You need to have a good strategy in place if you want to win. A good strategy involves planning ahead - finding the balance between spending and saving money as well as planning your defense around the enemies you will be facing next. You have a limited amount of time to prepare for the next wave. If you use that time to its fullest advantage, you should do fairly well in this game. More experienced tower defense game players likely aren't going to have as much trouble with this game as newcomers to the genre, but they'll still be able to find a decent challenge that will keep them playing. In addition, the graphics are fairly entertaining and the new types of enemies keep the game feeling fresh and interesting even after several waves. This is an excellent game no fan of tower defense games should pass up.