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Castaway Island TD Instructions

The control scheme of Castaway Island TD combines some of the controls from the original action RPG series while retaining the usual tower defense game controls. First off, you need to move your character around the map using the W, A, S, and D keys. Alternatively, you can also use the arrow keys for your character's basic movement. Along with that, you also need to interact with the potential / possible slots for your towers using the space bar. And to pick the option or click the button you want, just use your mouse to get the job done. That's about everything you need to know as far as the controls go. Now, let's have a closer look at the game.

Castaway Island TD Walkthrough

Gamers - especially those who dig the action and RPG genre, just love the Castaway Series... and it's NOT surprising why. Who wouldn't love the plucky protagonist who showcases a spiky and funky hair? Who wouldn't love the adorable pets he has? And the tropical scenery topped off with the sea-faring music also make it hard for gamers to ignore the games from the series. Well, tower defense fans could only look at the games in envy. BUT those were the days! Envy no more tower defense gamers! Likwid came to the rescue and brought us Castaway Island TD!

As mentioned earlier, the control scheme of this game combines some elements from the original RPG / action series along with traditional tower defense game controls. Aside from moving around the place, installing towers, defending against incoming enemy creeps, etc., you also need to collect all of those coins that enemies leave behind when they fall. Aside from filling your area with defensive towers, you can also install traps to slow down and obliterate the opposition. All you need to do is click on the trap of your choice. It's in the lower right section of the game's screen. Alternatively, you can just hit the hotkeys... AND VIOLA! Trap planted. They are planted right where you are. Castaway series fans will surely love it when they find signature pets from the original RPG games here... ready to aid our spiky and funky haired hero. And you don't need to issue commands. The pets move automatically. The only minor quibble I have with this game is that there are no Speed Ups!

If you are worried that this is just a rushed attempt to exploit the popularity of the previous game by slapping the graphics, some random elements, etc. into a different genre, don't fret. Castaway Island TD is a far cry from being a mere rushed attempt. One can clearly see that a lot of thought has been put into making this game... enabling it to stand on its own. The guys behind Castaway Island TD definitely know what fans of tower defense games like, and you will surely find it here.

Anyway, moving on, I have treaded some gaming forums and it seems like some are having a hard time taking out the first boss on normal mode. If you are one of those fellas, then you are LUCKY! Right here, I will show you my set up / tactics that has worked for me ALL the time where the first-level boss has taken the branch of the path. So without further adieu, let's dig in!

First off, pick the Pixie Pet (for mana regen) at the end of the first level. Before you take on the first level boss, you should reshuffle your skills into "I Love Gold". Invest a couple of points into "Power Walker" if you have slow reflexes. And to finish this part, just invest another point in the "Gem Smith" if you like to.

Next, you should buy a mist tower and install it one of the corners of the entrance using the tree closest to the corner. Along with that, put a single poison trap right where the path branches. This makes sure you kill of the snakes in the first wave and milk them for whatever they are worth. By the way, DO NOT use the Fast Forward button to summon the next batch of snakes unless you have regenerated all of your mana.

Following that, once the snakes go past the branch point, place an ice trap of the path that's just in range of the mist tower; one at the branch point; and the other one just slightly below the branch that leads past the mist tower. You may need to regenerate more mana to pull this off though. Once you have cleared all of the snakes, pick up all of the money and buy a spear tower. Install this tower right next to the mist tower. If you are lucky enough to bag a gem from the snake, COOL! The blue gem (slow) is best used on the spear tower thanks to its higher fire rate. The damage gem, on the other hand, is to be used on the mist tower. If it's REALLY your lucky day and you bag 2 gems, give the more powerful gem to the mist tower and the other to the spear tower.

Let me remind you once again that you shouldn't use the Fast Forward button unless you have 100 percent mana before the boss shows up. If things are going REALLY well for you, you can even place another ice trap while the boss is still within the range of the mist tower. The boss moves very slowly so you can safely walk in front of it, place the ice trap, and run back to safety.

If the boss takes the branch where you have set up everything, just wait on the mist tower and sell it as soon as it goes out of range. If you have a lot of gems at your disposal, the boss may NOT even make it past the mist tower. After selling the mist tower, go all the way to the point where the paths rejoin, buy a boulder tower, install on the corner so that the boss is within its range and then one next to it just on the side closer to the crystal. If you have been following what I have been saying closely, you should have enough mana to plant one last trap - ice trap is preferable BUT if you can only afford poison, that will do just as well. And BAM! The boss should go down.