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Chute Defense Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to place towers and use special attacks.

Chute Defense Walkthrough

Chute Defense is a fairly complex tower defense game - there are a ton of offensive towers, defense towers, and special use towers. This means you're going to have to play it a few times before you get the hang of it.

But that's not bad by any means. When you first start playing, it should be noted that the aliens trying to invade your space station attack primarily by air - your first and foremost defense will be anti-air towers. As the aliens eventually land and establish bases on the map, they can build towers themselves, and you'll have to get rid of them like a bad infection.

Once an alien lands, the area it landed on will turn green, and you won't be able to build on it until you use a special tower to clean it. Otherwise, if you don't clean it, the aliens will expand and start building towers. And then, well, the game only gets more difficult from there.

So make sure you keep the skies above your map well guarded. The perspective you have in Chute Defense won't help you much with that, though, so just build your defenses as well as you can. Upgrading towers is a cheap option in this game, and instead of upgrading to a whole other tower, it's a better idea to upgrade what you have.

The ground war aspect of this game isn't often seen in most tower defense games. Once the aliens land, you'll be fighting their towers with your towers, and it makes for interesting and tense combat situations. It's nearly impossible to keep the aliens from landing on the map, so you will run into the enemies' towers - just make sure you get rid of them as fast as you possibly can.