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CIX Instructions

Point and click to build aerial ships, ground defenses, and additional parts for existing structures.

CIX Walkthrough

With ten levels on an easy difficulty, twenty levels on medium and up to thirty levels to choose from on hard, CIX is a unique tower defense game with plenty to offer. You'll be able to make unique defensive ships and structures in CIX, and that's why you'll probably want to play through it again once you've completed a level.

With a more in depth tutorial available in game, the premise of CIX is to build every defensive structure you have by each individual part. This can be accomplished by starting with the basic building block, the x-structure, and then connecting parts like guns, thrusters, sensor eyes, and wings to it. For instance, if you add wings and a thruster, you've got an aerial defender that will only go after airborne troops. If you build a few x-structures with laser guns attached, you've got a defensive ground structure that will stop the enemy in their tracks.

You'll have ample time to build these structures in between rounds, since you'll have to press start when you're ready to start a round, and the game will give you info as to which kind of enemies are going to show up in the next round.

Your objective is to protect the three cities at the bottom of the map at all costs. You'll have three directions to defend from, as enemies will appear on the left, right, and top parts of the screen. One of the best things about this tower defense game is that you know exactly what you need to build before the level starts. And while you're thinking that yeah, most tower defense games will tell you what's coming up, in this particular tower defense game you can sell everything off, if you want to, and build a huge ship if it's only going to be aerial enemies in the next round.

There are upgrades to choose from, too, when you have enough energy to spend. They can be accessed in an in game menu, so don't forget about. Also, when dealing with a whole wave of aerial enemies, it's a much better idea to build a few ships rather than one giant one - they tend to be clumsier, and the aerial enemies in this game are quite fast - be sure to experiment when building your ships; you never know what you can come up with.