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Colony Defenders TD Instructions

If you have played tower defense games before, the control scheme of Colony Defenders TD shouldn't be too hard to handle. For just about everything, you have to use your mouse: (1) Click to pick the unit or tower you want to build. (2) Click to establish that tower / unit at any available slot. (3) Rinse and repeat until you are sure none of the invaders from Kron Corporation would make it to your command center alive. HOWEVER, with so many units, turrets, artillery, and structures available, the developer decided to toss in hotkeys, which will surely make building up your defenses a notch or two faster. Here are the hotkeys: (1)B for the Barracks (2) F for the Factory (3) C for the Air Command (4) X for planting Mines (5) T to train a Trooper (5) G for training the Grenadier (6) K for the Marksman (7) E for training Elite Trooper (8) N for the Machine Gun Turret (8) A for the Artillery Cannon (9) R for the Grenade Launcher (10) L for building those Laser Cannons (11) M for the Missile Launcher (12) S for the Plasma Cannon (13) D for the Disruptor (14) I for building Ion Cannons (15) And last BUT not the least, the number keys 1 to 4 are for the Air Strikes. That's about everything you need to keep in mind about the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Colony Defenders TD Walkthrough

If you are looking for a tower defense game that is fast-paced, one that is beefed up with top-notch visuals, sound effects, and comes with a Starcraft 2-esque theme, Colony Defenders TD is a tower defense game you should checkout. You are leading the army of one of the BIGGEST intergalactic corporations - the Alpha Mining Corporation. You have discovered Omega 6 - a planet that is teeming with energy source! HOWEVER, Kron Corporation has also set their sights on the planet and you need to stand your ground. YES, you will get at the Omega 6 planet first, BUT Kron will stop at nothing to stake claim at the planet.

The objective of the game is pretty straightforward: defend your base from incoming and hostile Kron forces. You need to build defenses; train troops specializing in different weapons; upgrade their range, damage, and attack rate; rinse and repeat until victory is yours! Colony Defenders TD comes with 10 unique and hand-drawn maps that are very pleasant to look at. I have to tip my hats off to the guys who designed the visuals for this game. It's just top-notch especially when you consider that this is a flash and browser-based game. Along with that, you have A LOT of units at your disposal. All in all, there are 16 defense units and air strikes (towers and troops combined) that you need to mix and match to deal maximum damage and devastate all invaders. As for the sound track, well, it's just as good. It showcases the original soundtrack of Symphony Of Specters... and like an icing on top of a cake, it comes with voice acting for the tutorial as well as the story.

No doubt about it - this has to be one of the best tower defense games I have laid my hands on. I am a tower defense nut and I know which TD games suck BIG time, which games from the genre are good, and which ROCKS! Colony Defenders TD belongs to the last category. I really don't mind the blatant Starcraft 2-esque content - the troops (the marines in SC 2), the grenadiers (which look like the Firebats), the command center, barracks, mining facility, and everything else in between. The mixture of units, passive weapons, troops, upgrades, and air strikes allows you to form versatile and good strategies that will obliterate the ranks of Kron's Corporation. BUT what's nice is that none of these weapons in your arsenal are overwhelmingly OP (overpowered). There is no room for cheesy strategies where you can just rush building and training a unit / structure in masses... then sit back, relax, and take a sip of cola as they get the dirty work done for you.

That said, Colony Defenders TD isn't perfect. There is still some room for improvement. There are 2 points I would like to bring up: (1) There are some points / slots for unit placement that is blocked with the cancel build button. It's just awkward especially when the enemy units are making a bee-line for your command center at blazing speeds. (2) The second point is not really a caveat BUT a point to improve on. It would be great for the command center and mining facility to have upgrade options. I mean, once you build them, there's nothing much you can do as far as their performance goes. The mining facility, for example, could have slightly higher mining speed after an upgrade or the amount of dough they bring could be slightly increased.

Summing things up, Colony Defenders TD is a tower defense game that I would whole-heartedly recommend to those who love the genre. Comes with nice graphics and sound effects; showcases A LOT of units; gives you room for whatever strategy you have in mind; and lastly, it Starcraft 2-esque! What more can you ask for?