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As far as I know, strategy / tower defense games have very easy to understand and straightforward control schemes. Nothing finger-twisting or too complicated, and Corporate Wars Level Pack is NOT an exception. As long as your mouse is working, as long as you know how to read / how to point and click, you are good to go. What matters more, however, is that you know what you are doing in this strategy / tower defense game hybrid. Check it out.

Corporate Wars Level Pack Walkthrough

OK, for those who have played the original game, they sure know how this tower defense game flows and its origins. For those who don't, first things first: this is NOT a battle between two multi-billion companies who, like US and Russia back in the day, are locked in cold-war. Well, the corporations are at war in this game, BUT it's anything but cold... it's anything but silent. It's explosive and its action packed! Apparently, these corporations are damn too serious about running their business that they decided to take the battle to a whole new level - an interplanetary scale war!

The original Corporate Wars story was set in the year 2186. In the far off future, humanity's greed and craving for greater energy sources have prompted them to search outside earth... for planets. The expansion led to the discovery of several planets that are good enough for living, BUT one planet stands out from the rest of the pack: the PX-21. This plant doesn't just sustain life... it's the inhabitants of the planet that sets it on top of the 'MUST-Conquer Planets' list. You see, when natives of the planet dies, the energy it unleashes is MORE than sufficient to power up a small planet for a year round!

As we all know, the MORE energy sources you have, the GREATER cash you bag. And of course, the massive human-powered corporations made their move. Many of the inhabitants of the planet were killed in the invasion and only a couple of them survived the onslaught. You, who are leading the UE Corporation, sets out to capture most of the remaining inhabitants not just to turn them into energy sources (Read: Kill them). More importantly, you want to restore the planet's former glory as well as their population.

BUT then, another militarized company JPN Energo wanted the remaining inhabitants of PX-21 for themselves and they have invaded many UE controlled territories. In the original game, they have been dispatched... they have been taken care of. BUT apparently, they don't know when to quit and they are back with more baddies and more weapons! BUT of course, you don't plan to go down in flames, do you? So fight back in this official level pack of Corporate Wars!

If you have played tower games before, the objective of the game should be easy to understand: kill all comers and come out victorious. To do just that, you need to build towers and place them strategically. Place them on the best spots so they deal A LOT of pain to the invaders... making sure none of them make it alive.

What's new about this level pack? Well, A LOT, BUT what I really like is that you get to showcase UE's military power even better with the new host of weapons and upgrades you have at your disposal. Just check out the side-bar to know the upgrades and new weapons available for you. The in-game tutorials will also be very helpful for those newcomers into the wonderful (and sometimes redundant) world of tower defense games.

Coming at you with the same great looking graphics, same fast paced and action packed game play, Corporate Wars Level Pack is a game that fans of the original game and lovers of tower defense games should enjoy.