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Critter Kingdom Instructions

Critter Kingdom is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to command your units and interact with the game's interface. The arrow keys are used to scroll the map.

Critter Kingdom Walkthrough

Critter Kingdom is a hybrid of defense game and strategy game. This war game features simple controls, cute graphics, an epic soundtrack, and a variety of units to command and enemies to defeat.

The objective of Critter Kingdom is to defend your kingdom from demonic invaders. You will have to raise your army and mount a defensive in order to protect your lands. Each wave lasts for a certain duration of time, which is displayed near the lower-left portion of the screen. You must survive until the clock ticks down to zero. If too many enemies slip past your defenses before the timer reaches the end of its countdown, you will be defeated.

In order to dominate the battlefield in this war game, you are going to need a strategy. It is best to develop your own tactics, but if you need help, we can get you started. It is best to order your units to hold at the rallying point until a sizable force has been generated. Once you have massed up a large enough army, send them forward to take the fight to the enemy. You can build off of this strategy, using the different unit types that you acquire as you progress in this strategy game to devastating effect.

Critter Kingdom may not be the most advanced real-time strategy game, but fans of the genre should still give it a try. Protect your kingdom and save your people in this exciting war game!