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Crop Circles 2 Instructions

The controls of Crop Circles 2 are fairly simple - use your mouse especially the left click button for doing just about anything. Upgrade defenses, station them, fix the maze, plant mines, etc. - just make sure the left click is working and you will be well on your way to playing this game decently. Point and click to purchase and place soldiers to defend against the impending alien invasion.

Crop Circles 2 Walkthrough

Crop Circles 2 is an alien-themed tower defense game that improves upon the original in just about every way. If you've played the first game, Crop Circles, then you definitely have to play the sequel. In Crop Circles 2, the aliens have returned - except, this time, they have acid blood. This means any soldiers or vehicles you place too close to the aliens' path will cause them damage, and you'll have to replace your towers, because they can actually die.

And though that may sound like a challenge, it's completely avoidable with the way Crop Circles 2 lets you design the map - a unique twist that makes the game worth playing. After choosing a difficulty (a higher difficulty will give you bonus points to your final score, besides making the game much harder), it's up to you to place crop circles on the map. This means you can design the aliens' path however you like, and it's a great twist on the usual tower defense genre.

If you think a zig-zag pattern is best, think again - you'll have to leave enough room between crop circles to actually place your troops on the map, so think of a design that's practical and effective when starting the game. After you've placed your initial towers, you can start the game by pressing the "next wave" button.

Overall, Crop Circles 2 is a great tower defense game worth playing. If you liked the original, then you'll love this - if you like tower defense games in general, then you'll love this. The map-building aspect alone makes this one worth playing. When you're placing your troops, just make sure that they're not too close to the aliens - otherwise they're going to die off quickly, and it's expensive to replace them.

Here's the story with Crop Circles 2: the aliens are back (well, I guess they are the same with Crop Circles Part 1?) and they are hungry...ready to munch on the farmers' brains. They have already been dealt with in part 1, but if you think disposing them is easy you should think again! You see, this time, they are filled with acid blood. Killing them will splatter their insides all over the place and it will damage your defenses overtime.

So what should you do?

First off, in this tower defense game, you should fix the maze where the aliens will pass through. My tip - make the maze as long as possible so you have ample time to demolish the incoming enemies. HOWEVER, you should also leave enough space for your defenses to be planted on while keeping a safe distance from the enemy.

Next, you need to plant your defenses. In this tower defense game, you have 4 armored vehicles at your disposal (1) you can plant a jeep with a machine gun, this is the most basic defensive unit I believe (2) a tank - which is pretty good when it comes to range, firing speed, damage, and accuracy. And it's only $5 more expensive than the first one. Also, you have (3) electric shock units - defensive structures that are as accurate as hell and excellent damage too. Last BUT not the least (4) you have the rocket launcher at your disposal. This is the most powerful among your towers BUT it's the most expensive too!

Along with that, you also have these mini units that are also very effective when it comes to eliminating enemies. You have the flame thrower and freeze blaster. If that doesn't cut it, then it's time to bring the nukes to bear! BUT mind you, they are just as expensive as they are destructive. They are (1) raging bull (2) land mines and last BUT not the least (3) the stealth bomber.

While not too unique compared to other tower defense games out there, Crop Circles 2 has a lot of room for creativity and strategy combined with decision making.