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Cursed Treasure Instructions

Purchase and build towers using the left mouse button. Upgrade towers with the left mouse button. Cast spells with the left mouse button.

Cursed Treasure Walkthrough

Your goal in Cursed Treasure is pretty easy to understand - you have to protect your gems and keep them from being stolen. To do that, you will build towers on your map and cast spells to try to take out the 'heroes' trying to steal your gems. The 'heroes' will enter at an open point on the map and try to get to your gems which mark the end point. If they are able to reach your gems, they will steal one and try to make it back to the exit. If you lose all of your gems, you lose the game. This isn't really all that different from most of the tower defense games online, except in most of the other games, you only have the enemy's approach to take them out. In this game, you have two chances to destroy them - on the way to your cave to steal gems and on their way back out. It might seem like that makes the game a lot easier, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The good news is, in order to complete your mission you only need to save one gem and the gem you saved doesn't even have to be in your cave. Still not an easy game though but is definitely one worth playing.

Building towers in Cursed Treasure can be a little complicated, even for experienced tower defense game players. You aren't just picking a tower and putting it where you want. There are different types of towers and different types of tiles. Certain types of towers are only able to be built on certain types of tiles. A den can be placed on grass tiles and grass tiles only. A crypt can be built on snow tiles and snow tiles only. A temple can be built on rock tiles and rock tiles only. No towers can be built on forest tiles. You will need gold to build each different type of tower. You earn gold as you destroy enemies. This is an important fact to keep in mind. The more enemies you take out early on in a wave, the more gold you will have to built towers with to complete the wave. Make sure you have the entrance covered well. This allows you to take out the enemies and build up a supply of gold in case any enemies get through. The last thing you want it to find yourself without enough towers constructed to take out your enemy and no gold to built more. Spend wisely and plan ahead. That's the only way to do well in this game.

As with most of the other tower defense games online, the towers in Cursed Treasure fire automatically at any enemies within its range. One of the key differences between this game and many of the other tower defense games out there is that each tower has to earn experience in order to unlock upgrades. A tower will gain experience for firing at enemies. Once enough experience has been accumulated, you'll see 'UP' appear over the tower. You can then click on the tower and choose 'upgrade' in the tower's panel. Upgrades are important. They make your towers stronger and make them perform better in battle. Keep this in mind when you're placing your towers. Space towers so that each one has a chance to take on enemies as often as you can. In later levels, you'll often have to place several towers together. This gives you the strongest chance of taking out all of the enemies, but can reduce the amount of experience some of the towers (particularly middle and end towers) get. It's a fair trade off though. You still get up upgrade the first towers while building a strong defensive line. Upgrades only really compose one important feature of the game, but they definitely shouldn't be ignored. As you progress, you'll learn that you not only have to face off against smaller, easier to take out enemies, but 'Champions' as well. Champions can steal one of your gems without help from others. Champions are hard to kill. Upgraded towers are, without question, your best defense against champions. You'll know these guys from the health bars over their head and how slowly that life bar decreases. He is a very strong enemy so keep an eye out for him and get those towers upgraded.

In addition to upgrades, Cursed Treasure also offers skill points that you can earn as you play. This will not be a concept unfamiliar to many fans of tower defense games. You can use your skill points between levels to purchase various options between levels. Skill point options are split up into three categories; orcs, undead and demons. Although they might not sound like good things, they can actually help you significantly in your game. Your options in the beginning are pretty straight forward. Under 'Orcs' you can increase the amount of gold you start the next level with by 20, giving you 420 gold to purchase towers with from the start. Under 'Undead', you're able to increase the amount mana you start the next level with by 20, giving you more mana to cast spells with. Finally, under 'Demons', your towers will have 5% more experience giving you faster upgrades. Use your skill points carefully. Focus on what you think will improve your performance the most. If you feel limited when building towers because of the amount of gold you start with, choose the Orc. If you feel you don't have enough mana to cast the spells you need to cast, choose the Undead. If you are struggling to get your towers enough experience to upgrade, choose 'Demon'. Most players will have at least three skill points when they reach the skill point screen for the first time. You can either spend all of those skill points on one area or spread them out over the three for a better over all boost in game performance. This aspect of the game is entirely up to you. Use your skill points however you see fit.

Spells and special terrain are an interesting addition to Cursed Treasure that you won't get with most of the other tower defense games online. There are three spells you can cast - 'cut out', 'frenzy' and 'meteor'. A cut out spell will clear the forest on a tile of your choosing so you're able to build a tower there. A frenzy spell will provide a temporary boost in the fire rate of all of your towers. A meteor spell will inflict damage on all of the enemies in the range of where the meteor hits. You need to be careful when you cast the spells; especially the frenzy spell. The frenzy spell is cast as soon as you click on the spell button. You also need to be sure the spell you choose to cast is the right spell to provide your desired outcome. For example, a frenzy spell works great if you absolutely need to increase your fire rate right away. It can help you take out far more enemies much more quickly, helping you keep your gems safe. The cut out spell is great but should be used sparingly. You don't want to cut out areas you don't have to. Look for the part of your map where you most need a tower and clear only that tile. You need mana to cast each spell so you want to conserve as much as you can. You don't earn mana for taking out enemies. It does replenish over time, but relying on that isn't always the best way to go. Instead, try to leave yourself a little mana if you need it. Don't cast a spell just because you can. Only use spells when you need them to get the most benefit out of the mana you have. You can boost the replenishment rate of your mana by building a tower on a tile that has a mana pool on it. Terrain bonuses are fairly easy to understand. Aside from towers with mana pools increasing the amount of mana you collect during a wave, there are other types of terrain that can offer bonuses. High Ground tiles are able to house any type of tower. Any tower placed on a high ground tile will get an instant boost in range. That means your tower will cover more ground allowing it to reach more enemies.

Although Cursed Treasure likely sounds a bit complicated, it really isn't once you get playing. The game screen is very easy to understand with all of the information you really need to build towers shown in the panel on the right side of the screen. In the bottom box of that panel, you'll see how much gold you have, how much mana you have, the three basic towers you can build and the spells you can cast. Above that you have information about the enemies in the waves you'll be facing off against. You can hover over the waves with your mouse to view the stats of each wave. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity. Knowing what you'll be up against will make it much, much easier to build a defensive line that can handle the attack. At the bottom of the wave box, you have the buttons that control the speed of the game. You can choose to play at normal speed, to speed the game up or to release the next wave instantly. Whether or not you do this will depend on how confident you are that your towers are ready and able to defend your gems. Newcomers may choose to play at normal speed. It's a little less hectic that way. More experienced players, though, are going to love the option of releasing the next wave or speeding up game play and will likely want to use both options often. At the very top of the panel, you'll see the level you have reached as well as the number of waves in that level. That's good information to remember. It's easier to plan your defense strategy if you know how many more waves you're going to face.

Overall, Cursed Treasure is far from a simple tower defense game. There is a lot involved to doing well in this one. You need to factor in towers, terrain, spells and the strength of your enemies if you want to be victorious. You really need to think about this one. You need to plan a strategy. You're offered all of the information you need about the next wave to prepare a good strategy. Take advantage of that information and use it. Newcomers to tower defense games are going to find this one a little complex and a little overwhelming, but if they stick with it, even newcomers can come out on top. It just takes a little practice. More experienced players are going to have a bit of an easier time with this one and they'll love the fact that each level receives a grade of sorts. They can try to keep all the enemies away from the cave to get a 'Brilliant' grade. This might be a little hard for the newcomers, but in time, they'll be able to do it too. Stick with it. This game is far too much fun to pass up. If you love good tower defense games that will really put your skills to the test, you'll absolutely love this game.