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Cursed Treasure Level Pack Instructions

The control scheme of tower defense games is easy and straightforward in most cases... and Cursed Treasure Level Pack's control scheme is NOT an exception. Just like other games within the genre, as long as you have a mouse, as long as you know how to 'point and click' (and read instructions?), you are good to go. That's about everything you need to know about the control scheme, let's check out this game.

Cursed Treasure Level Pack Walkthrough

Not everything that glitters is gold. Well, in this case, it's a jaw-dropping hoard of gems! And everyone and their sneaky ninjas want to get their hands on it. So what is a poor and defenseless Gem Keeper to do? Will a one-man act have a chance against incoming ninjas and thieves? HELL YEAH! When you have crypts with merciless ghouls; temples to unleash unholy forces to burn earth down; and dens packed with evil beasts, you shouldn't worry about holding off ninjas. ? Cursed Treasure Level Pack by Iriysoft showcases the same action-packed game play found in the original game Gem Masters. It has the same addictive, strategic tower defense game play that we all came to love. It will surely cure that itch and craving for calling meteors and hellfire to fall down on your foes!

For those who haven't seen the game, here's the premise of Cursed Treasure Level Pack: you have a secret radioactive volcano base that is jam packed with gems that everyone wants... because they mean A LOT of dough! Perhaps these gems are as large as the size of your head. Anyway, everyone wants their share of gems - lowly peasants, stealthy ninjas, overpowered champions... all of these guys would stop at nothing to grab those gems and you need to fend them off. Don't worry - you have dens, crypts and temples at your disposal. These towers at your command can blast them into vapor before they get close.

Your success in this game largely depends on finding the best spots and locations for your towers. This is not just to take advantage of the terrain or any bonus you encounter along the way. You want your most powerful towers to rack up the kills so that you can upgrade them, unlock a new ability, and they become stronger... making the task of single-handedly killing a wave easier. Now, here's a warning: if you allow these gem-craving fools to cart away all of your gems, it's game over. HOWEVER, as long as you keep even just one gem at the end of the level, you will win. You will gain experience as well as skill points that you can spend on different things like increasing your passive abilities, beefing up your offensive and defensive powers, and the like. Just like in other tower defense games, you may find it easy to reach the end of the stage by the skin of your teeth. HOWEVER, the real challenge is to bag the HIGHEST rating and that is done by making sure that not even one of your gems get carted away.

The game showcases only 15 levels (that are increasing in difficulty). If you have played the original game, I'm sure you will have a good sense of what's going on. There's this feeling of deja vu if you have played the original game. Aside from the various level designs, nothing much has changed in the game.

Anyway, as you progress through the stages, you have to fend off MORE waves that are packed with MORE enemies. And if you want to survive, you need to figure out how to make use of the increasingly measly terrain to place your towers at the optimal spots. If, like me, you have finished the original game, you will love this pack of official stages. You won't grow tired of grinding and attempting to bag the perfect rating on all levels. HOWEVER, since there is nothing to new to speak of or talk about, the grind is all the more apparent. If you have already perfected the original game, this tower defense game level pack shouldn't be too thrilling.

You know what? It sort of makes me wish there was a level editor that would allows us to create and share our own levels. I know just how much pain and suffering gamers could inflict to the Gem Keeper with their own wicked and ultra-difficult levels! On the other hand, if you are someone who's just dying to find another excuse to kill and destroy all comers, this is the game you would want to pick! Summing things up, Cursed Treasure Level Pack will inject you with pure doses of fun! It comes with the same addictive and evil overlord-like power that made the original game brilliantly simple. It comes with the same strategic game play that took the original to the top of Best Of 2010 Strategy Games.

I've scoured through some forums and discovered that some fellas are having a hard time bagging the Brilliant Rating on The Caves level with just a couple of towers and no spells. If you are one of those guys who are pulling their hairs out as they search for a guide on this level, then consider this your lucky day as I have EXACTLY what you need!

First off, set up two dens at the entrance - setting one above and one below works well. Mid way down the path, you need to place a crypt and a few more of these crypts should be located should be near the gem.

Here's a reminder: you want to build as much experience for your crypts as possible. That's especially true for the mid-way crypt. This means you need to sit on upgrades for the crypts and dens. You want to keep the enemy creeps weak enough so that the towers at the back can finish them off and gain experience. Ideally, you want your mid-point crypt, which is your key to victory, to be 4-starred. The rest should be well-starred while the 2 dens shouldn't go beyond 2 stars.

Right after the final wave, you should sell your dens. The final champion will be dazed by your mid-point crypt. It will fall back and it will be easily taken out by the rest of the well-starred crypts.

OK folks, enough reading! Time to get rid of those ninjas and champions!