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Cyberoids Instructions

The controls for Cyberoids are almost the same with other tower defense games out there. Simple - just use your mouse for interaction. For releasing the creep waves, establishing towers, upgrading your defenses and making them more devastating, and selling them when you are in need for quick cash, all you have to do is use your mouse's left click and click on the right button or icon.

Cyberoids Walkthrough

Cyberoids - this tower defense style game moves you all the way forward to the year 2135 (I don't think I would live to see that era). Anyway, in that era, there is a conflict between the Alliance - this is the joint human forces against the extraterrestrial species which came to be known as Cyberoids. You will find yourself in a small planet...that keeps a secret. The war factory on this planet is the biggest of all factories that the Alliance has. Needless to say, this planet and the war factory in it is crucial for creating weapons that the Alliance needs in the fight against the Cyberoids.

HOWEVER, the location of the small BUT very important Alpha planet is no longer a secret to the Cyberoids. They have discovered it. And it is your job to protect the planet and the war factory in it at all costs. You will be facing wave after wave of Cyberoids. The base in this planet has a workshop that can create different defense systems to keep the enemies at bay. Use it! Prevent infiltration until the Alliance reinforcements arrive.

What you need to realize is that this game requires a lot of decision making - you should decide which towers to create and what upgrades you need to acquire to create the impregnable defense that will wipe out all of the cyberoid hordes that foolishly try to breach it. Now, the towers are seperated into 3 different categories and this is based on the type of targets they destroy: ground, air, as well as phantom units.

There are towers that provide more defense against more than one type of target. HOWEVER, the main trick to be successful in warding of cyberoid hordes is tower upgrade. There are 3 different types of upgrades you can aquire in Cyberoids - range, damage, as well as reload speed. A few things to keep in mind: the energy meter shows the amount of energy you have at your disposal to build new defensive towers and unlock upgrades. On the other hand, the status meter shows your base's integrity. Be careful, don't let the base integrity to drop at zero. When that happens, it's game over for you!