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Demonic Guardians Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move and position your selected hero; point and click to build, upgrade, and sell towers.

Demonic Guardians Walkthrough

Demonic Guardians is a sprawling tower defense game with a plethora of levels, enemies, and towers. Once you're done with a particular level, it's on to the next, and there's an overworld map to see how many there are, where you're at, and what's next. In every level, there are six waves of enemies, and it's your job to prevent the creepers - in this case, humans - from entering your castle at the end of the map.

At the beginning of the game, you'll pick your hero - either a ninja or a knight, depending on your playing style. The ninja can poison enemies while the knight has more hp, but the ninja moves faster. Either way, it's going to be your strongest character, so just remember to use it at all times.

After picking an unlocked level from the map in Demonic Guardians, you'll begin the stage in front of your castle, and it's your job to build towers to defeat the oncoming waves of enemies. You should also probably move your hero close to the action - they're going to do the most damage anyways. So, after building a few towers, you can speed up the waiting process by clicking the next button on the top-left corner of the screen - this calls the next wave to attack early, and it's a time saver if you're just waiting around.

If you're playing on either medium or hard difficulty, which is selectable when you're picking a map to play, you'll be able to unlock trophies for doing in-game tasks. But these tasks are all regular things you would be doing anyways, like killing a certain amount of enemies with your hero, so they're quite easy to get. Per every trophy you get, you'll get an evolution point, and you'll be able to spend these at the upgrade screen when you're in between levels. The more trophies you have, the more upgrades you'll get, so you'll actually want to try and do your best to get more trophies.

Demonic Guardians is a great tower defense game to get into - not only does it have numerous upgrades, heroes, and towers to unlock, the amount of levels and difficulties it offers is almost ridiculous for a flash game - if you really want to beat it, you'll be playing it for a while, so good luck.