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If you have played tower defense games before, you shouldn't have any trouble playing Demonrift TD. Like other games within the genre, Demonrift TD is played entirely with the mouse. That said, let's have a closer look at it.

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Playing as Baroness Milena, you have to lead your last and ONLY troops to the kingdom of Emaeron... the kingdom that has fallen into the hands of the demon horde. Using only your mouse to control the different aspects of the game and interact in it, it is your job to restore the empire and blast the enemies back to whatever deep and dark place they came from.

The turn-based portion of this tower defense game is played from the map screen. This is the LIGHTER part of the game as this half doesn't have a lot of strategy involved in it. Once you have claimed a town and purged the monsters and all of the evil in it (this is the tower defense part), you earn one of the 3 different resources available from the town. This is indicated at the corner of the town's icon. The resources from the town - it could be coins, anvil, or crystal, can be spent in the Training Camp. This can improve your army's fighting power and from there, you can purchase unit types needed for the tower defense levels. Along with that, you can also use the resources to construct a building in your towns. These town-based buildings give different benefits in your game both in terms of strategy and tower defense.

Most of the time, in your campaign for restoring the former glory of Emaeron, you will find yourself in the tower defense levels, which you enter by clicking a town on the map screen that has a red flag in it. While there are a total of 4 towers to build, you will start off with only 2. You will start off with only the cheap swordsmen as well as archers, which are your only defenses against flying enemy units.

For those of you are wondering where to build your towers, they can only be built by the hexagons indicated on the level screen. You need to figure out if it's better to build more towers (going for quantity), or if it would be better to upgrade your existing ones... beef it up with 3 units stationed in the same tower and attacking the same enemy. You may be asking: "Aren't we reclaiming the land? Aren't we on the offensive? What exactly are we defending?!" I see your point. Well, you are protecting the ancient shrines that has the information needed for permanently demolishing all of the evil and vile forces that settled on the kingdom of Emaeron.

A Closer Look At The Shrines: The shrines have a specific defense counter (life or hit points as they are most of the time called) which runs down each time an enemy unit reaches it. The number of lives or defense counters left after you finish the level will determine your rank for that specific level. This determines the number of resources you get to take home as reward for your victory. I know what you are thinking and I don't know either how defending these shrines reclaim the land. BUT hey, a win is a win so you shouldn't worry too much about that.

While the turn based part is easy and doesn't require deep strategic skills, the tower defense portion of Demonrift TD lives up to the expectations. It's always nice to see a little tweak or adjustment to the common 'defend and destroy the last creep' formula. The graphics are really nice and comes with a mélange of paint-like backgrounds. The character sprites and avatars are also excellently done. They are so nicely and cutely done that even the demons are somewhat cute! That said, Demonrift Tower Defense is far from perfect. Where it struggles, as I see it, is the imbalance between the tower defense and turn based aspect of the game. The strategy part of the game is so light that I almost felt that it's NOT necessary to bring it up. There are times when one of your reclaimed towns gets attacked by the enemy, BUT you don't get to see anything relating to it - no enemy movements, no indicators of what they are doing... making it come across as a completely random event.

However, I don't think that should turn you away from the game. It's nice to see a developer striving really hard to update the game after its released based on the comments and feedback of the gamers. The guys behind Demonrift TD do a good job at this. Despite a couple of issues and caveats with the turn-based and strategy part of the game, and the fact that the combat is anything BUT difficult, the game play is still very solid and the addition of an interesting story PLUS cute sprites and characters didn't harm the game. So are you ready to bring the old and glorious days of the Kingdom of Emaeron? Yeah? Will you succeed in doing so? Well, there's only one way to find out. Play the game!