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Controls are very easy and standard as far as tower defense games go. You just need to use your mouse - click to build units, click to get them to the right places, and click some more to finish the game.

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It's unique and it's entertaining - this is Desert Moon. Yeah, even tower defense haters should give this a shot. It's more than decent and contains a lot of fun elements that will make you stick around for a while. The game is based on a desert-like environment, which is located on a mysterious planet... way far from our civilization. In this planet, there are savage beasts that are lurking and they will attack you just like zombies do in movies. If you are familiar with Left 4 Dead, the beasts you will encounter will somewhat ring a bell since there are specific enemies with specific skills (Remember the boomer, mobs, witch, etc.?). Anyway, the objective here is to stay alive and destroy those swarms of enemies you face.

The game isn't very difficult at all. I have played through the entire game on normal settings. Well, to be honest, I was sort of scared to be walked over in the hard mode. Well, things worked out fine and I cruised through the game in the mentioned setting. Summing it up, I think there were a total of about a hundred or two hundred waves. I wasn't stuck in any of them BUT there are some close calls where a good portion of my army is chipped away and some sections of my ship was exposed to alien attacks. Fortunately, replenishing my defenses weren't as hard as I thought. I really would like to see the difficulty scale brought up a bit... or maybe the developers can add an impossible mode. Of course, it would have to be nearly impossible to play and win this mode for it to make sense. This is one of those tower defense games where you can find a working strategy and stick to it until the game ends. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated - just be logical and be diligent in replacing the injured and killed units with equally or more powerful units.

As for my strategy, there's nothing fancy about it. My idea is to build upon the main weaknesses of the enemies for that battle. For example, if I'm going up against creep waves that fare badly against fire, I would install my flame throwing units in front of the battle lines. To further beef up my defenses, I would place flare guns as well as fuel launchers directly behind my flamethrowers. See? Every unit works to pound on the weakness of the enemy. YES, you need to hit them where it hurts, and in this case, creating more flames with the fuel and fire tossed in is the most efficient way to go about it. This is my strategy and, I believe, it's a very logical one. Once you have devised your own and it works, stick to it and you will be an impassible wall. Should you find the game too easy, just turn up the difficulty notch the next time you play the game. BUT I think hardcore fans and players of tower defense games won't have any problems with it.

The art work for Desert Moon is also of excellent quality. To be honest, it's one of the best looking flash games I have seen in a long time. Hats off to the artist for an excellent job done. It was a bold decision to have the characters pixelated and have the rest of the environment look realistic. It turns out to be a pretty good decision. And as for the animation and movement of the characters, enemies, etc., I guess I would give it the same grade as the art work. All in all, this is a fine tower defense game, which could use some work and tweaking on its difficulty level. Very recommended!