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Desktop TD Pro Instructions

Desktop TD Pro is primarily controlled by using the mouse, but there are additional keyboard shortcuts as well. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to select, place, sell and upgrade towers. The 1 - 9 number keys to select tower types to place. The U key upgrades the selected tower, the S key sells the selected tower, and the N key sends the next wave. The spacebar pauses the game and opens the menu.

Desktop TD Pro Walkthrough

Desktop TD Pro is a tower defense game and the sequel to Desktop Tower Defense. Desktop TD Pro features twenty-four scenarios, three new gameplay modes including multiplayer, and more challenging gameplay than its predecessor.

The objective of Desktop TD Pro is to survive through all of the waves of enemies without losing all of your lives. Every time an enemy escapes the desktop, you will lose one life. This tower defense game is lost when all of your lives have been depleted. In order to prevent the creeps from escaping and preserve your lives, you will have to build and upgrade towers. Killing enemies prevents them from taking your lives, but it is also the only way to earn money to upgrade your defenses in this tower defense game.

Desktop TD Pro features four different game modes. The first of these game modes is scenario mode. There are twenty four scenarios to play through, and they do not have to be played in order. If you are new to this game, I advise you to play scenario mode first, beginning with the first scenario. The first scenario serves as a tutorial and will teach you the basics of this strategy game.

The second mode of Desktop TD Pro is Sandbox mode. Sandbox mode allows you to create your own custom scenarios. You can choose which enemies will be present in waves, how many waves you will have to defeat, the size of the desktop, the amount of money that you start with, and more.

The third and forth modes of this tower defense game are Sprint and Multiplayer. In Sprint mode, you must defeat enemies as quickly as possible. Subsequent waves of enemies will not appear until the prior wave is completely defeated, so you must defeat enemies quickly in order to do well in this mode. Multiplayer follows the same rules as Sprint mode, but pits you against another human player. The player that defeats all waves first wins.

Desktop TD Pro has a lot to offer and is an excellent game for fans of tower defense games. If you enjoyed Desktop Tower Defense, then you are sure to love Desktop TD Pro!