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Decorate and defend your workspace by pointing and clicking where you want your desktop defenders to go. Build more and upgrade them as the waves keep coming.

Desktop Tower Defense Walkthrough

Desktop Tower Defense is a widely popular tower defense game - it's got a cool theme, it's quick and easy to play (but also difficult), and it's a great time waster. If you've ever played a tower defense game before, you'll be ready to play Desktop Tower Defense. And even if you haven't, there are a bunch of modes you can try out until you're ready for a huge challenge - which isn't hard to find.

To start out, you're going to pick a mode. There's easy, medium, hard, challenge, and fun to choose from. In fun mode, you're given the maximum amount of money, so you can mess with the game and practice setting up your ultimate defense. In easy mode, well, it's a pretty easy play-through, and that's recommended for beginners. Medium is an adequate mode, it can be a challenge at times, but you're probably not going to be frustrated at all. Hard mode might cause you to rip some hair out, but only some. In challenge mode, well, there's not really a whole lot you can do.

You'll start out every game with a blank map, and openings where the creeps will run through. Your goal is to eliminate as many creeps as you can, before they take all of your lives. To complete this goal, you'll have access to defensive towers that will kill these creepers, but you'll have to build quite a bit of them. To maximize your towers, the map of Desktop Tower Defense is blank. This means you can build a maze out of your towers, if you want, and that will make the creepers stay on the map that much longer - almost guaranteeing your victory.

Or maybe not - as the levels go on the waves get stronger, and you're going to be pushed to your limit. As you play Desktop Tower Defense more, you'll learn which towers to what, and how effective they can be in certain places. It's really easy to pass the first few rounds in most tower defense games, but the real challenge lies in the later ones, and this rings true with Desktop Tower Defense.

If you're looking for a monstrous challenge or a casual time waster, you've found both with this fantastic game.