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Dwarfs Under Siege Instructions

Dwarfs Under Siege is controlled by using the mouse. Interact with the game's interface and place towers and units by using the mouse.

Dwarfs Under Siege Walkthrough

In most high-fantasy stories, dwarfs are depicted as short, but hardy and industrious warriors. Dwarfs Under Siege is a fantasy-based tower defense game that follows this trope. This TD games features detailed graphics, epic background music, three difficulty levels, and forty-six achievements.

The objective of Dwarfs Under Siege is to defend your mines from enemies. Unlike most tower defense games, this game is not level-based. Instead, you will face endless waves of enemies on the same terrain. The game continues until all mines are lost. Your game is automatically saved at the end of each wave of enemies, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you load the game.

The placement of towers in Dwarfs Under Siege is unique compared to most tower defense games. Instead of building towers that automatically shoot, you will have to build towers and units to man them. The basic unit is the archer, but as you progress, additional types of units will become available. It is best to place towers with archers on them, of course) close to your mines at the start of the game, then branch out as more resources become available.

As previously mentioned, Dwarfs Under Siege ends when all mines have been lost. Towers and units are deployed to prevent this from happening, but you can also build additional mines if you have enough money. The more mines that you have, the more money you will earn at the end of each wave, so it is a good idea to build additional mines whenever your finances allow it. Mines are a great investment since they can keep you in the game longer (due to the fact that your enemies will have to destroy more mines) and provide more money for additional defenses.

Dwarfs Under Siege is a tower defense game that is a change from the usual. Stand up for the little guys in this addictive strategy game!