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Elemental Turret Defence Instructions

Elemental Turret Defence is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to place turrets. Tap the left and right arrow keys to generate more power. Hold the M key while clicking a turret to open its upgrade menu.

Elemental Turret Defence Walkthrough

Elemental Turret Defence is a simple and addictive tower defense game. This game embraces the basics of the tower defense game genre and utilizes simple graphics and a small number of turret types.

The goal of Elemental Turret Defence is to defend your documents from aliens. If the UFOs manage to slip past your defenses and steal seven of your documents, the game will end. There are three difficulty levels in this tower defense game: Basic, Intermediate, and Difficult. The core gameplay remains the same on each difficulty level, but on higher difficulty levels, enemies have a shorter path to travel, thus making the game harder.

The four types of turrets in Elemental Turret Defence are Earth, Ice, Rock, and Fire. Earth turrets are the cheapest and also have the highest firing rate. They do not deal a large amount of damage, however. Ice turrets are capable of slowing enemies but are not good at dealing damage. Rock turrets deal massive damage, but have a slow firing rate. Fire turrets are well-rounded with average statistics.

Using the proper mixture of the aforementioned turrets is crucial to success in this tower defense game. Earth turrets are the cheapest, and thus should make up the majority of your defenses at the beginning of the game. Ice turrets should also be purchased and positioned in such a way to slow down enemies and keep them in range of other turrets longer. Ice turrets are especially important on the higher difficulty levels of this tower defense game. As you gain more money, you may want to purchase more powerful turrets, upgrades for your turrets, or other structures to produce resources or power.

Elemental Tower Defence is a simple tower defense game that purists of the genre will appreciate. This strategy game might not have flashy graphics or orchestrated music, but its gameplay makes it worth checking out!