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Fast Castle Defense Instructions

Staying true to its name - Fast Castle Defense's controls are easy...there is nothing complicated about it. All you have to do is purchase cannons, place them somewhere on the map (and do so optimally), and you are all set for some action. And you get to do all of these by using your mouse's left click button!

Fast Castle Defense Walkthrough

Fast Castle Defense - if you are on the hunt for some fast paced, exciting, and action packed tower defense game, then this is definitely is it! The objective of this flash tower defense game is pretty simple and straightforward - there will be enemies passing through the roads to attack the castle...and you need to do everything in your power to destroy them before they get to the castle and destroy it.

Once they do get to bring the castle to ruins, it's game over for you and you have to start from square one. BUT don't worry, you are not fighting a lost cause in Fast Castle Defense as you can buy cannons that will leave these foolish enemy units in dust...making them regret that they went against you.

Let's take a close look at the 3 different towers and cannons that you can buy and purchase:

Cannon Number 1: The first cannon is pretty basic and is average...coming with a fire power of 2, a frequency on the same level, range of three, and you can grab it at the price of $200 each. Mind you, don't even think about playing it safe and massing cannons of this kind. That won't work as you will encounter stronger and more power enemies that cannot be fazed by these average cannons.

Cannon Number 2 - As for this one, true, it only has a fire power of one...a notch lower than the first cannon BUT it definitely surpasses the previous one by a mile in terms of frequency (having it at level 4) and range of 5. As for the cost, you can grab one at $400 each. Yet again, you cannot get away with just these. You need something for mass destruction...and massive AOE.

Cannon Number 3 - If you need something that will wipe out enemy waves without breaking a sweat, this is the cannon to check out! It comes with a short range (2 units) and a firing frequency of 0.5 (pretty slow)...BUT when it fires, it leaves enemies in dust with a fire power of 40! That's the fire power of 20 cannons (Cannon Number 1)! HOWEVER, they are the most expensive as well.

To successfully finish this game, you need to find the perfect combination of these 3 cannons. Again, let me remind you, you can't be cheesy and just mass produce Cannon 1, 2, or 3 and expect to win in this tower defense game. You need balance! The placement of your cannons is just as crucial.

As the game progresses, you gain gold by destroying enemies...and believe me, you need it as there will be more powerful and beefier enemies that will come your way and you need more firepower to dispose them.

With 10 levels to offer, Fast Castle Defense will keep your boring afternoons action packed!