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Favela Heroes (AKA Homeboy Heroes) Instructions

Point and click to hire, place, and upgrade gangsters in this mafia-themed tower defense.

Favela Heroes (AKA Homeboy Heroes) Walkthrough

Favela Heroes - also known as Homeboy Heroes - is a tower defense game with a unique theme. Instead of creepers, monsters, or even demons, you're simply fighting against the mafia. Specifically, what they drive. To fight them, you'll have to hire and upkeep an army of gangsters placed on city rooftops. After twelve waves on a single level, you'll move on to the next, and if you can keep up with what this game throws at you, you may just come out alive.

On the first map, you'll only be able to hire the weakest gangster. But after a few rounds, you'll either be able upgrade the gangsters that you have, or purchase stronger ones. It's always better to upgrade what you have in any tower defense game, though, and Favela Heroes is no exception, especially, since you have limited space to work with. So, it's a good idea to upgrade the weak gangsters you have on the first map, rather than hiring more weak gangsters.

As you accumulate more money, you'll be able to hire stronger help, and you'll be able to deal with stronger waves of enemies. There's up to six different towers you can use, including TNT, which slows down enemies rather than damaging them. In later maps, you'll have to use an equal amount of all these towers to have an effective army, so keep that in mind when playing.

While the first few rounds of Favela Heroes may seem easy, the difficulty really ramps up in later maps. If you think you can keep up with it, then try it out - just make sure that you're upgrading your towers as much as you can - if you do, you just may survive this tower defense game.