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Rating: 4.42/5 stars (33 ratings)

Flash Conquerors Instructions

Hit the P key to pause, U for the upgrade menu, B for the buildings menu, N to summon the next wave of enemies, and Space to deselect any selected units or buildings.

Flash Conquerors Walkthrough

Flash Conquerors is an interesting tower defense game. In the beginning, you'll start out with a castle, but towards the end of the game, you'll be using army tanks. Towers don't play a vital role at first, but they will in later parts and later ages of the game.

Your objective is to fight off every wave of enemies that tries to storm your castle. You can train units, build guard towers, and even fight off enemies with your own castle (click around on the screen to fire arrows). Once you've fought enough enemies in one age, you'll be able to move onto the next, as long as you have enough experience points. Doing this will upgrade everything you're using, and you'll become much stronger, but so will the enemy.

Flash Conquerors can be a difficult game to get used to at first, but once you've gotten the hang of it, it's not too difficult. Or, if it is, you can always try out the easy difficulty instead of medium or hard. And, if easy is too difficult for you, try typing "cheats" while playing - something may happen.

Overall, Flash Conquerors is a fun tower defense game that does bring something new to the table - the game focuses on soldiers more than it focuses on buildings and towers. And this is a welcome change, too, since most tower defense games are very similar with each other. If you're looking for something different, you should try out Flash Conqueror - it's an interesting take on tower defense, but it's by no means an easy one; see how many ages you can make it through.