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Flash Element Tower Defense 2 Instructions

Point and click to place towers, upgrade and sell existing towers, and to proceed to the next wave of enemies.

Flash Element Tower Defense 2 Walkthrough

Flash Element Tower Defense 2 is the sequel to the well-known Flash Element TD - a game based on the original tower defense from WC3. So, in this sequel, you'll see a ton of new features, new towers, and new gameplay twists that weren't in the original.

When starting the game, you'll be able to choose between three maps; easy, medium, and hard difficulties. If you're a beginner, or haven't played this version before, it's best to stick with the easy map. You'll be able to start building two different types of towers - green and purple. Instead of having a set amount of lives, you're given elements. If an enemy makes it to the end of the level, you'll lose the element it took with it, and you'll have to buy it back at the end of the level to build a tower of that element again. That may sound complicated, but you'll quickly get the hang of it.

Besides having towers of certain elements, though, all towers will be able to gain levels. And this isn't a replacement to upgrading towers either; you can still do that. So, it's better to keep certain towers around if they've gained a few levels, rather than replacing a bunch of your towers at once - and the game suggests upgrading towers instead of buying new ones, too.

You'll notice that some of the elements and towers you can build are somewhat different as well. Red element towers, for instance, have the ability to inflict tons of damage, but they can't kill enemies at all. The same goes with blue towers - their only objective is to slow down enemy runners. The amount of strategy and finesse of Flash Element Tower Defense 2 is a lot more prevalent than it was in the original game. You'll have to think levels out before making a move, and even during levels, you'll have to build new towers if you can't seem to keep up.

When building up your towers, make sure you have equal amounts of ground towers and air towers. Every once and a while, you'll have an all-air enemy wave, and when that happens (at least, when you're not prepared), you'll lose. Once you lose all five elements you're guarding at the end of the map, you're done - so don't let it happen.