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Flash RPG Tower Defense Instructions

Point and click to purchase and build towers, U to upgrade, S to sell a selected tower, the left and right arrow keys shuffle through songs while X mutes in-game music.

Flash RPG Tower Defense Walkthrough

Flash RPG Tower Defense is a more of a traditional tower defense game, for a few reasons. First of all, there's no set path for enemy creepers to follow, they're going to be running through your tower patterns. This means you can create your own mazes and paths for the creepers, making for a more challenging and exciting experience. This is something you don't often see in many tower defense games anymore, but with only one map in Flash RPG Tower Defense, it's what you're going to like about the game.

Your objective is to prevent as many enemy creepers from reaching the other side of your map. You can do this by building a creative path of towers they'll have to follow - while being damaged and destroyed along the way -along with other in game bonuses you can also use to destroy enemies. For instance, if you build a church, you'll start gaining prayer points, and you'll be able to use spells like Blizzard as a last-minute defense if your towers aren't doing well. There are two other spells, but they require more prayer points to use, but they are quite a bit stronger.

There are four levels of difficulty in Flash RPG Tower Defense, and while in most tower defense games the difficulty corresponds to how many starting lives you're given, in this particular game, it's the level capping of your towers. Since Flash RPG Tower Defense doesn't have ultimate towers, emphasis is placed on upgrading towers to ridiculous levels (up to 50 on easy mode). The harder the difficulty, though, the lower the upgrade max - you can only upgrade towers to level 30 on insane mode. This means you have to build better mazes, better tower combinations, and have a more effective handle on your prayer points.

The longer you keep the creepers on the map, the better the chance you have of making it out alive. Try to make complex paths for them to follow - it's easier than you think. And, always remember to upgrade every single one of your towers, since the game has no ultimate towers. The game does offer a sandbox mode if you don't want to go through all of that, though; it offers unlimited lives, prayer points, and gold to play with.