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The controls of Frontline Defense? Nah, nothing fancy or complicated about it. If you have played tower defense games before, this should be a piece of cake to play. As with standard tower defense games, this one involves a lot of mouse work and clicking. A couple of clicks to get the game started, then a couple of clicks to draw your defensive line, and more clicks until you finish one level after another.

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As far as the game play goes, there's nothing really spectacular about Frontline Defense 2. Unlike free form tower defense games, there are pre made paths for each level and you need to strategically place your towers and defenses to inflict maximum damage against waves and waves of different enemy creeps. HOWEVER, this tower defense game showcases a lot of elements that make this otherwise average TD game head and shoulders ahead of the pack! Well, for one thing, the graphics is REALLY... hands down awesome. Just awesome! It felt like I was playing a Nintendo DS game rather than a free and flash based online game. I'm giving Frontline Defense 2 10/10 in the graphics department.

Another strong point of the game are the upgrades: think about it, what would tower defense games be without them? Here's the good news Frontline Defense 2 comes with truckloads of them! The towers, for one thing, can be upgraded on 3 levels: (1) damage, (2) range, as well as (3) rate of fire. Each of these levels can be upgraded 5 times...and believe me, you want your towers to be fully beefed up from top to bottom. The destructive power of even the most ordinary towers is a sight to behold once they are maxed out. Also, upgrading your towers saves you a lot of space...which means you can adjust and build more towers should the enemies decide that they want to send you something out of the usual for surprise.

The War Mart: Ahhh, this is a place in the game that you want to check out and buy stuff from often. This is the place where you buy additional towers, grab additional cash to make it easier to cope up in the early stages of a level, and more missions to milk cash from. Let's take a closer look at some of the upgrades available in the War Mart: (1) Bonus Start Funds: This one is up for grabs for $1000. Mind you, the cash you have for War Mart upgrades and purchases is different from the cash you have within the levels, which you use for building towers. Anyway, for $1000 War Mart credits, you get $200 extra cash as your starting funds. Always make sure to grab this before clicking and getting started on any of the missions.

(2) Flame Thrower - As the name suggests, you get to set your enemies alight with the flame thrower. Another nicety that the flame thrower offers is that you get to heat up tanky and tough enemy vehicles... paving way for heat seeking missiles and making successful locks twice as easier. (3) Plasma Mortar Canon - If you are having a hard time keeping up with enemy vehicles, this is one of the weapons that you should purchase. Not only will it deliver destruction, it also has the side effects of a chemical spanner in the works of enemy engines. (3) Napalm Support Strike - this support strike upgrades will toast those pesky enemies no matter what their size is... enough said!

Comes with nice graphics, a lot of upgrades to whet your tower defense action appetite - there's nothing more you can ask for from this game! Give Frontline Defense 2 a shot and see what I am talking about.