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Frontline Defense - First Assault Instructions

Hire and place your troops via your mouse - upgrade them to keep up with the invading waves of enemy creepers.

Frontline Defense - First Assault Walkthrough

Frontline Defense - First Assault is a tower defense game that has quite a lot to offer. There's a bunch of maps to play through, and there's over twelve different towers to choose from. These can range from regular soldiers to a damage-enhancing tower, and you'll have to use all of them in unison to have an effective force against the invaders.

At the beginning of every map, you're given a set amount of money and upgrade points to spend. You can spend your upgrade points on bonuses that will increase your starting cash, how much damage you can do, and how often tower effects will take place - this all depends on your playing style though, so choose whichever works for you best. You'll spend your money on troops though, and you'll have to spread them out evenly if you want to eliminate every enemy.

Make sure you don't put all of your troops right at the beginning of the map - although this may seem like a fast way to get rid of all the enemies, if any get through, you're done for. The base you're protecting can only take a few hits as far as stray enemies goes, so you'll have to quick on your feet and apt when placing towers to prevent a game over.

After completing a map, you'll be able to start on the next and Frontline Defense - First Assault is not short on maps at all. There's a lot to play through here, so if you want to complete this game, you'll just have to take your time when fighting through each map - if you hurry or get impatient, it can cost you. Frontline Defense - First Assault is a great army-themed tower defense game - and one you should definitely check out.