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Frontline Defense: Special Ops Instructions

Frontline Defense: Special Ops is controlled by using the mouse. Place units by clicking on the type of unit that you wish to place and clicking on the position that you wish to place the unit. To upgrade units, click on a unit and click the plus (+) icon next to the upgrade that you wish to purchase.

Frontline Defense: Special Ops Walkthrough

Frontline Defense: Special Ops is the expansion of the tower defense game, Frontline Defense 2. This expansion to the shooting game features improved graphics, fourteen new levels, and new unit types.

The objective of Frontline Defense: Special Ops is to prevent enemy units from reaching your base by placing defenses, an easy concept to grasp for veterans of tower defense games. Your base begins with a thousand hitpoints. If enemies slip through, your base's health will decrease based on the health of the enemy that enters the base, which is displayed above each enemy unit. If your base's health is completely depleted, you will lose the battle. If your defenses hold out against the enemy onslaught, you will be able to advance to the next level of this shooting game.

To fend off your enemies in this Frontline Defense: Special Ops, you must place units. Units operate similar to towers in tower defense games and remain stationary once placed. To place a unit, click on the type of unit that you wish to place, then click on open ground where you wish to place it. You may also upgrade, move, or sell units by clicking on the unit followed by the appropriate button for the action that you wish to take. The ability to move units instead of having to buy new units allows you to save money and opens up new strategic possibilities in this tower defense game.

Upgrading your units is very important in this shooting game. A squad of basic riflemen will not do much damage against a tank; a squad of riflemen that is fully-upgraded can take on a platoon of enemy vehicles! Instead of clicking a single upgrade button, you must individually upgrade the range, damage, and rate of fire for each unit in this tower defense game. If you place your units in a position where they can cover a large section of track with their inherent range, then you will not have to upgrade their firing range. Instead, it is best to upgrade your units' firing rates first, followed by damage. Although it may be appealing to upgrade damage first, more damage can be done per unit time if the firing rate is upgraded first.

If you are a fan of the Frontline Defense series of tower defense games, then Frontline Defense: Special Ops is sure to thrill you. This war game places you right in the middle of frontline action!