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FurEyes Base Defense Instructions

FurEyes Base Defense is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface, place towers, and cast spells.

FurEyes Base Defense Walkthrough

FurEyes Base Defense is a challenging tower defense game that will keep even the most skilled TD players at the edges of their seats! This strategy game features colorful graphics, twenty-five achievements, and uncommon gameplay that makes it stand out from other games of the genre.

The objective of FurEyes Base Defense is to defend your base from monsters known as FurEyes. These creatures may look cute, but don't let their looks fool you; if too many of them pass your defenses and collide with your base, it'll be game over for you! There are ten levels in all in this tower defense game. This may not seem like a lot, but there are plenty of waves to deal with on each level, so lots of time will be necessary to complete the entire game. Not to worry; your progress is saved in this game, so you do not have to complete the whole thing in one sitting.

Unlike other tower defense games, enemies do not travel on a set path in FurEyes Base Defense. Instead, enemies move around the circular arena and bump into your towers and base to damage them. The locations where towers are placed are also predetermined. You are free to select the type of turret that you place on a platform. You can also repair and upgrade towers to keep them in the fight. Unfortunately, you cannot repair your base in this strategy game, but you can upgrade it to increase its HP and increase the slots where defensive towers may be placed.

If you want to survive in FurEyes Base Defense, it is best to upgrade your base as quickly as possible. Place towers directly on the base for a close-proximity defense before placing towers on outer platforms. Wave towers work well on top of the base since they deal massive damage to multiple enemies inside of their effective radius. Upgraded Tesla towers also work well on the base since their electricity arcs between enemies, similar to chain lightning.

FurEyes Base Defense is a must-play game for tower defense game veterans that need a real challenge. Casual gamers may be put off by the difficulty of the game, but if you use some of the tips given in this game description and practice, you will eventually get the hang of it.