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Galactic Rebellion Instructions

Again, we have a tower defense game (BUT with strategy twists) here in Galactic Rebellion. Building defenses, establishing refineries, going for air raids, upgrading turrets and power stations - you need to do all of these and balance things out if you want to win in Galactic Rebellion. As for the controls? No problem, just make sure your mouse's left click button is working and you are all set!

Galactic Rebellion Walkthrough

In Galactic Rebellion, just like in Star Wars series, the old and democratic republic is gone without a trace...replaced by an Empire - one that is tyrant and unforgiving. And this is where you come in - you need to lead the rebel forces (just like what Luke Skywalker did) to free the galaxy from the iron fists of the Empire.

And how exactly do you do it?

Simple - the goal of the game is to protect your command center at all costs! You need to withstand and destroy all enemy waves to move on to the next level. And for you to protect your base and fight back when needed, you need to build strong security and defenses around your command center.

For you to build a turret - one of the basic defensive structures in the game, you need to click on the appropriate button and place the turret where suitable...and that should be somewhere at the battlefield.

A reminder - you can only build turrets and other defensive structures if you have the cash for it. Your spending power is determined by the amount of crystals and energy that you have.

So how do you increase your spending power? You can do it by constructing Power Stations. Every Power Station increases your energy rate by 5. Keep in mind - every turret, harvester, and structure (except for the Power Station) consumes one energy point. So how do you know when you need to construct more Power Stations? No problem, no need for you to do the Math. An In Game Adviser will let you know when you need to construct more Power Stations.

Refineries, on the other hand, are needed to mine resources like Crystals. Every refinery comes with 1 harvester (this is automatically created).

Mine minerals, get rich, use the spending power you gain for building turrets and other defensive and offensive weapons - that's how you will liberate the ailing people in Galactic Rebellion - a tower defense game that comes with elements like those from StarCraft and Warcraft.

I'm giving this game 2 thumbs up!