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Out of all the tower defense games I've handled Generic Defense Game is the most unique! That holds true even in the controls! Instead of the usual 'use your mouse's left click button for interaction and building towers', you need to go to the Help and Options section to tweak the controls for moving up, down, left, and right...the same thing goes for switcthing weapons and reloading. Of course, you can still use your mouse's good and old left click button for firing and moving. BUT as mentioned, there's a lot more to this game than its boring name!

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When I first saw this game, I thought: "What a name for game, just how creative and exciting can you get." Think about it - Generic Defense Game, who would want to play it? Nevertheless, I gave the game a shot...and I couldn't be more satisfied with this tower defense game that is 1000 times more unique than the other tower defense games you would find out there.

According to the author, he intended to make a very boring and generic tower defense game to mock all of the other games from the same genre. HOWEVER, things ended up differently, and luckily for game lovers like us, he spent weeks and long hours in creating Generic Defense Game - making it epic. Tower defense games are made just to help you kill time. Generic Defense Game definitely takes us beyond that.

So what do we have in Generic Defense Game? We have 8 exciting games in one neat package! Let's take a look at some of them:

1. Zombie Blitz: This is the first game in the package. It's a turret defense game where you need to use your defenses to their maximum potential to protect your Goal Post against FootBall Zombies...and the action takes place in the stadium. And believe me, they will be coming after great numbers! May the spirit of John Madden guide you in this game.

2. Nazi Lanes: In this game, you need to defend your trophy against the Nazi bowling league who wants to take your trophy. In this shooter game, use your pins and demolish those Nazi bowlers before they could lay their hands on your prized possession.

3. Pac Blast: In this turret defense game, you need to play as Pac Man, this time using a basic cannon to blast those ghosts back to 1984! This guys just don't know when to quit. And the scene of the action? The vintage Pac Man map!

4. Techno Terror: This game will surely remind you of Terminator. Why? Because you need to protect John Connor from the Killbots who want his head! Use your pistol and rocket launcher to destroy them and make sure your defense objective, John Connor, makes it out alive in the game. You are humanity's only hope for survival.

And those are just 4 of the games in Generic Defense Game! With 8 games to offer you and keep you busy, there is nothing generic and boring about this tower defense game. Give it a shot and you will see what I mean.