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Hands of War Tower Defense Instructions

Hands of War Tower Defense is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to place towers. Press the escape key to cancel the placement of towers. Send waves early using the spacebar key.

Hands of War Tower Defense Walkthrough

Hands of War Tower Defense is a tower defense game based on the Hands of war series of role-playing games. Hands of War Tower Defense features excellent graphics, outstanding audio, and as an homage to its RPG counterparts, three classes to play as.

When you first start Hands of War Tower Defense, you will be prompted to select a save slot to save your data (or continue a previous game if you already have data saved). Once you have selected your save slot, you will be given the choice of one of three classes: Warrior, Ranger, or Wizard. Each class has its own abilities, and no class has a major advantage over any other. I decided to choose the Ranger class, due to its long range, but you should choose the class that best fits for playing style in a tower defense game.

Hands of War Tower Defense features two types of upgrades. In this paragraph, we will discuss upgrades that are applied in the field. As your towers kill enemies, they will gain experience (this tower defense game really sticks to the RPG roots of its series). When enough experience is gained, the towers will level up, and you will be able to buy upgrades for them. Every fourth level, subclass upgrades can be bought that will provide major boosts to your towers' stats, and in some cases, also provide boosts to nearby towers!

The second type of upgrade in this tower defense game takes place between levels. Experience is gained for completing each battle. When enough experience is gained, talent points are earned. These talent points can go towards Champion Talents which bolster the abilities of your champion tower, and Command Abilities, which enhance the abilities of all of your towers. Attribute points are also earned which can be used in a similar fashion. The abilities that you choose to enhance depend upon your playing style, so I'll let you figure that out for yourself!

Hands of War Tower Defense is a great addition to the Hands of War franchise and an amazing tower defense game in it own right. If you love tower defense games or if you are a fan of the Hands of War series, then you won't want to miss Hands of War Tower Defense!