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Keeper of the Grove Instructions

Keeper of the Grove is controlled by using the mouse. Build towers and collect coins by using the mouse.

Keeper of the Grove Walkthrough

Keeper of the Grove is a cute tower defense game sponsored by Armor Games. This TD game features cartoonish graphics, upgradable skills, and sixteen achievements.

The goal of Keeper of the Grove is to prevent your crystals from being stolen by the bad guys. This is accomplished by building defenses to beat the waves of enemies. If you manage to hold out until the last wave of a level, then you will advance to the next. If your enemies pilfer all of your crystals, however, you will fail and have to retry the level in order to advance.

Completing levels earns gems in this tower defense game. The better you do on a level, the more gems you will earn. These gems can be used to unlock skills between levels. There are four skill hierarchies: one for each of the three types of defenders and one to provide overall bonuses. It is a good idea to purchase skills for the types of towers that you like to use the most. The overall skill upgrades can also be useful,especially those that provide more money. If you need more gems, try to unlock more achievements or improve your performance on previously-beaten levels.

Using the right combination of towers is paramount to success in Keeper of the Grove. This is especially the case once you have unlocked the various evolutions of defenders. Experiment with different combinations to find out what works best for you, and adapt your defenders to meet the types of enemies that you will face. I find a combination of stone defenders and water defenders to work well. The water defenders can slow down enemies and force them into clusters while rock defenders can blast the clusters of enemies with splash damage.

Keeper of the Grove is one of the best tower defense games that I have played in a long time. Its combination of classic tower defense gameplay, variety of turrets and skills, and colorful graphics make it a TD game that gamers of all expertise levels and ages can enjoy!