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Kill the Heroes Instructions

Kill the Heroes is controlled by using the mouse. Interact with the game's interface and place towers by using the mouse.

Kill the Heroes Walkthrough

Kill the Heroes is a tower defense game that lets you play as the bad guy. This strategy game features cartoonish graphics, simple controls, and twenty-one challenging levels.

You play the role of the evil Mastermind in Kill the Heroes. Your objective is to defend yourself from heroes that are trying to stop you from conquering the world. To accomplish this end, you will have to place defenses to kill the heroes before they can kill you! The better that you perform on each level, the more stars you will earn. Stars are used to purchase upgrades and improve your arsenal. Your progress is automatically saved upon the completion of each level, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play. You may also wish to replay levels to earn more stars for upgrades.

Other than the fact that you're playing as the bad guy in Kill the Heroes, the concept and controls are similar to those of most tower defense games. Use your mouse to select the type of defense that you wish to place from the list on the right side of the screen. Once you have selected a type of defense, click on the stage to place it. You may also upgrade or sell defenses by clicking on them, then selecting the upgrade that you which to purchase or the sell option.

Like most tower defense games, proper placement of towers is crucial to your success in Kill the Heroes. It is even more important in Kill the Heroes due to the fact that each subsequent defense that you place costs more money than the last! Try to minimize your placement of towers to save money. Upgrading turrets and unlocking technology using stars earned on previous levels is also extremely helpful and can make your defenses more effective, giving you more bang for your buck.

Kill the Heroes is a fun-filled tower defense game that fans of the genre as well as casual gamers will enjoy. Get in touch with your villainous side in this addictive strategy game!