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Kingdom Rush Instructions

Kingdom Rush is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to place towers.

Kingdom Rush Walkthrough

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game taking place in a medieval high-fantasy setting. This defense game features lovely graphics, simple controls, fifty-one achievements, and thirty upgrades.

The objective of Kingdom Rush is to prevent enemies from invading the kingdom. To defend your lands, you must build towers and call in reinforcements to crush your enemies. Towers cannot be built anywhere in this shooting game; instead, you must select a strategic point, click it, and select which type of tower you wish to build. If an enemy slips past your defenses, you will lose a life. If all lives are lost, you will be defeated and have to retry the level from its beginning. Your progress is automatically saved in this defense game, so you can continue your campaign at a later time should you need to take a break.

Kingdom Rush uses a merit-based upgrade system. Upon the completion of each level, you are rated between one and three stars based on your performance. These stars can be used to purchase upgrades. Base upgrades cost one star, but later upgrades are more expensive. It is necessary to buy base upgrades before later upgrades can be purchased, however. I advise upgrading your melee forces first, especially if you intend to play the Iron Challenge! Upgrading your arrow towers is also important since they are the most common tower that you will be using in this shooting game, but their first upgrade is relatively useless, meaning that you will have to waste a precious star at the beginning of the game if you choose to upgrade them first.

If you manage to earn three stars on a level, you can attempt to replay the level in two different game modes: Heroic Challenge and Iron Challenge. Heroic Challenge pits you against tougher enemies and gives you only one life. If a single enemy gets through in this mode, you will lose. Iron Challenge is similar to Heroic Challenge, but you are limited to using only melee units. These challenging modes are for the most hardcore defense game players, and will reward an extra star to be used for upgrades upon the completion of each.

As you progress in Kingdom Rush, you are likely to develop your own tactics. If you still need help, a combination of melee units from the barracks along with archer and mage towers is a good way to defeat enemies in the first levels of this shooting game. The soldiers will hold the enemies in place while your archers and mages slaughter them. Remember that you can set a rallying point for your melee troops by clicking their tower, clicking the rally flag icon, then clicking the area within the radius of the tower that you want them to defend. Try to set the rallying point within range of your archers and mages for maximum effect.

Kingdom Rush is an epic and addictive defense game. Fans of the tower defense genre will certainly enjoy this masterpiece!