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Life Force TD Instructions

Point and click to purchase and place towers; the P key pauses the game at any time, M mutes in-game music, U upgrades selected towers, and the spacebar toggles enemy/tower health bars and levels. Use the ESC key to dismiss a selection.

Life Force TD Walkthrough

In most online tower defense games you'll come across, you don't usually find enemies that can fight back. Some games will have your towers take damage, or heroes that can die if they get in the way of the enemy, but Life Force TD is a tower defense game that gives the enemy a chance.

Most towers you can purchase have special abilities - either stunning the enemy, or a tower that has mana burn, or a tower that can freeze enemies; and though it may seem like a huge advantage to have towers like these, most enemies that appear will be immune to most afflictions. So, you'll have to be very careful when placing and upgrading towers in Life Force TD.

As per usual tower defense, there's an auto feature that lets you either face wave after wave of enemies, or just one wave of enemies at a time. If you don't like the speed of the game, you can increase it up to three times the normal rate by clicking on the '1x' at the top of the screen. Also, if you think you can take on more than one wave of enemies at a time, you can do so with the 'next wave' button. Just make sure you don't press it too many times, you can lose pretty quickly by doing so.

If you're looking for a tower defense game that's more difficult than usual, with enemies that fight back when you would least expect it, Life Force TD is definitely the game for you; just remember to upgrade your towers responsibly.