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Lord Of War II Instructions

The controls of Lord Of War II are pretty simple - use your mouse's left click button (and sometimes the ESC button) and that's it! For building structures, towers, etc., for buying upgrades, selling towers, and more - your mouse's left click button is your best friend.

Lord Of War II Walkthrough

In Lord Of War II, the good days are gone without a trace. The creeps have made up their mind...and they are bent on destruction. They are all in for a campaign against the human race. You as the Lord Of War, you should do something about it unless human extinction is your cup of tea.

What do you have to do? Kill all of the creep waves before they reach the end of the maze. So how exactly do you do that? Simple - you need to build attacking towers on the grass area of the maze. The steps are pretty simple - (1) click on the tower you want to build and (2) click on the area where you want to establish your chosen tower.

If the area you have chosen is unavailable, the area will turn red and you will have to choose another. If you want to choose another tower instead, just click the ESC button. Once the towers are built, you have only 2 options as to what to do with them - you can sell them or upgrade them.

Mind you, don't underestimate the ability to sell or upgrade your established towers. There will be times in Lord Of War II when you need to upgrade a tower...and you need it badly! BUT you don't have enough cash. So how do you get the job done? Click on the basic tower and sell it. Hopefully you will have enough cash for it.

At the beginning of the game, you will only have enough money to build the basic ones. They are the Sentinel and the Canon Tower. BUT along the way, you will be able to build stronger and more powerful defensive structures BUT they are also increasingly expensive. All in all, you will have 6 towers to choose from.

Believe me, you are going to need all of them! Just in case you don't know, you will fight against 10 different types of creeps and they get stronger and more determined to destroy as you move later in the game.

What I like about Lord Of War II is that your decision making skills matter a lot. You need to balance your revenue (for building towers), the strength of the incoming enemy, your towers' power, the upgrades, etc. - all of them need planning and creative strategies if you are going to succeed. Will you be able to hold the enemies and be hailed as the God Of Tower Defense? Or will your defenses crumble...leading to human extinction? There's only one way to find out!